Anastasia, 26

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Anastasia works in theater as a Ballet dancer. If you aren’t aware of how hard ballerinas have to work, they train on average 6-7 hours a day. Let’s be honest, most of us don’t workout that many hours in one week! And guess what? Dancers in Russia train even harder than dancers in the United States. It’s no wonder why Anastasia is flexible, lean and absolutely “fit” for our list of Top 5 Most Fit and Attractive Russian Girls. 

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Botagoz, 27

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Second on the list of Top 5 Most Fit and Attractive Russian Girls is Botagoz. We know you have seen her flawless body, but have you seen her perfect face? She’s a Permanent Makeup Master. This is a huge part of Botagoz’s life and it brings her a lot of joy. She believes in love and doesn’t believe true beauty is only found in appearance; true beauty comes from inside. Botagoz is looking for a man that is prudent, confident and honest with himself. And although she keeps her body very fit and trim, she can’t resist a little junk food here and there.

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Christina, 27

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As a Manager, Christina manages her own body very well. She loves to treat her body and health with love and care. It is important to Christina to exercise everyday in order to maintain strength. And guess what? She likes massages! But don’t let her strong love of physical health fool you – she’s an avid reader and loves nature. She’s looking for a man that is kind and optimistic, as she tries to see the good in people. Are you that guy?

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Eva, 31

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Being a Fitness Trainer as a profession puts Eva on our list of Top 5 Most Fit and Attractive Russian Girls. She absolutely adores sports, but delicious food is what warms her soul! Eva used to love pizza, but now her favorite thing to do is to turn bad food into healthy alternatives. She loves to travel, especially to New York and Moscow. Have you ever been to these places? If given the opportunity, would you travel there with Eva? She envisions her ideal relationship as a couple of wise and sincere people who are pleased and cozy together.

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Klaudia, 26

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Klaudia loves sports and not just one type of sport. She enjoys working out at the gym, engaging in yoga and even taking a whirl at cycling. Why does Klaudia work out so much? Well, she says that she likes to feel confident and free whenever she spends time at the beach. It can be very worrisome to go to the beach when you don’t feel sexy in your own skin. Luckily, Klaudia doesn’t have that problem. Ultimately, she wants a sincere and reliable man that isn’t afraid to open up to her. 

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