One of the most romantic times of the year is quickly approaching and we want to make sure online daters know exactly how to express their love. Whether you are already seeing a Russian woman online or if you just started chatting with one, we want to make sure on Valentine’s Day that your beautiful Russian woman is smiling from ear to ear. In the United States, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but in Russia, they do not. Their Valentine’s Day is on March the 8th and instead of Valentine’s Day, it is called International Women’s Day. Even though Russian women do not celebrate Valentine’s Day like we do in the United States it is still expected to send your Russian lover some type of gift, and then of course especially on International Women’s Day. Some may say that you shouldn’t spoil your Russian woman on both of these holidays since she really only celebrates one of them but remember the secret to finding the special lady who you want to stick by your side forever is making sure you create an emotional connection with her. By sending her gifts on both of these holidays lets her know you truly care about her and are thankful for her being in your life no matter how far away she is. In this article, we will give you tips on how to express your love to your online Russian woman this Valentine’s day, and how to let her know just how serious she is to your life!


On Valentine’s Day, it’s always best to send or give your lover a gift no matter what stage of dating you both are in. If you both just started messaging online or maybe you both have been talking for a while, flowers are always a great gift to send no matter what stage of talking you’re in. Women also love having a spa day to relax and release any stress they have in their life. So sending a spa certificate is always at the top of the list for gifts on Valentine’s day. Maybe you both have been talking or dating for a while and you want to send her something more expensive. Apple Airpods Pro are always a great gift! No matter if she is working out, grocery shopping, or cleaning up around her house she can listen to her favorite music or podcast all thanks to you! Not only will she enjoy having them while staying busy, but when she uses them daily she will think of you since you made that big purchase for her! Dream Singles has a great gift shop with all of these options and more that you can decide on sending your Russian lover if you want to. No matter what you decide to send or give to your Russian lover just make sure it shows how much you care for her and her love.

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Schedule Dinner Or Buy Event Tickets

Maybe this isn’t the first time you have celebrated Valentine’s day with your lover and want to do something different for her since she is far away from you. A great idea would be to schedule a dinner at her favorite restaurant with either her close friend or a family member. Make sure the bills are already paid for her and tell her to just enjoy her night as a gift for you. If she is into concerts, plays, or sporting events you could buy her tickets to the event for her and someone else she wants to bring since you aren’t able to go with her. By doing this it shows her that no matter how far away you are from her you still find ways to make her happy, and you want her to have a great evening even if you can’t be there with her. 

Plan A Romantic Trip

If you decide to plan a romantic trip with her this would be a great adventure for the both of you. Not only would it be a great adventure, but imagine her face when you tell her you are taking her to Paris, or to some beach resort just the two of you! By planning a romantic trip it will show a ton of new expressions from you both whether you both have met or not and of course all of the memories you both will be making. This gift may cost more than flowers or a ticket to an event, but it will be much more memorable and precious to both of you!

Just Be A Gentleman

At the end of the day, the best gift you can give your lover is being a gentleman and letting her know how much you care about her and the relationship you have with her. Yes, there are a lot of great gifts you can debate on giving her but the most important one is being a gentleman to her.

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