Instagram started in October of 2010 and quickly rose to the top as one of the top social media apps around the entire world. What started as a social media platform that mainly focused on sharing pictures now includes sharing videos and live streaming. Being able to view users’ videos, and photos with easy access makes it a lot easier to fall in love with a girl halfway around the globe than it was years ago. One type of single woman that is searched near the top yearly around the world are single Russian women. From their beauty to their charisma, killer smile, and sexuality they can make any single man fall in love in an instant. The Instagram profiles of these beautiful Russian women are extremely attractive as well and collect thousands of followers daily from men all across the globe. Russian women on Instagram do not mind being open about their lives, what they like and dislike, and also what they expect from a man. Below researched a little bit about the Top 5 Of The Hottest Single Russian Girls On Instagram for you to enjoy. So if you want to bless your Instagram feed continue reading, because these sexy Russian babes are exactly what you need.

5. Eleonora

Eleonora is a 27-year-old beautiful blonde-haired Russian woman with green eyes from Kiev. She is 5’7’’ and weighs 120 lbs. For work, she has two jobs! She is a hairdresser and a DJ. She is wanting to find a true gentleman that supports both her careers and will travel with her to her DJ gigs. She enjoys dancing, singing, reading, and loves to learn interesting things. If you could create the perfect single woman Eleonora is a woman that most single men would create! She is easily one of the most beautiful women online, and she also has been known to use dating websites to try and find marriage. A woman like this is truly hard to find. If you get a chance to message her don’t let the opportunity go! 

“I would describe myself as a kind-hearted, open and sincere young woman. I am goal-oriented and responsible, sensitive and friendly.” – Eleonora

4. Julia K.

Julia is a 34-year-old beautiful brown-haired Russian woman with green eyes and is from Kieve as well. She is 5’5” and weighs 115 lbs. If you enjoy playing sports and staying active then Julia is your perfect Russian single woman. She is a very active person from playing volleyball, pool, yoga, cooking, and outdoor activities. For work, she is a professional dancer and singer! If you are a single man who enjoys being on the go nonstop then Julia is the perfect single woman for you. It is very simple to see why she made this list of the most sexy Russian babes on Instagram and dating sites! 

“I am kind, gentle, romantic and passionate. I have a lot of dreams and goals. To create a family is my most important dream.” – Julia K


3. Polina

Polina is a 33-year-old beautiful black-haired Russian woman with grey eyes and is from Moscow. She is 5’7’’ and weighs 126 lbs. Polina is looking for a man to give her time, love, attention, tenderness, and also help fulfill his dream. Knowing she wants to help fulfill her future husband’s dreams makes her even more one the most beautiful women online. She enjoys designing, listening to music, going to the cinema, and reading in her spare time. But is open to traveling and trying new things with her future man. Polina is actually active on one of the best dating websites that is free! So, if she is one of the most beautiful single Russian women you have seen online you can message her for FREE.

“Charming and charismatic, unforgettable and romantic. It is very important for me to always remain a woman – it means for me to show wisdom, to be courageous, interesting and at the same time gentle and sweet.” – Polina

2. Maria

Maria is a 25-year-old beautiful red-haired Russian woman with green eyes and is from Saint-Petersburg. She is 5’5’’ and weighs 121 lbs. Once you view her profile it’s easy to see why she is one of the most beautiful women online, and one of the most beautiful Russian girls online. Maria is on some of the best dating sites to find marriage and she knows exactly what she is looking for on the dating sites. Maria is looking for a man who wants to learn Russian culture and Russian words, and who will open up his world to her as well. She knows a lot about dating sites and knows she can find her future husband on one that will treat her just like the princess she is. 

“I am looking for a man who will treat me nice and share his love and care with me. A man who has sense of humour and will whom I smile and laugh. Day without a smile is a day wasted, agree?” – Maria

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1. Lilia M.

Lilia is a 25-year-old beautiful blonde-haired Russian woman with grey eyes and is from Moscow. She is 5’7’’ and weighs 121 lbs. Just by reviewing her pictures, you can see why she is number one on our list for the top sexy Russian babes on Instagram. Lilia loves a good sense of humor. She is wanting to find someone who can make her forget everything with a good joke because she believes life should not be serious. describes herself as very sociable, and is never ashamed to be her goofy self around anyone she meets. Not only does she enjoy joking around, but she enjoys playing sports and doing yoga. She is another single Russian girl online that most men would consider a perfect woman. Lilia is hands down one of the most beautiful women online, and on all of the online dating sites, she uses to find love. She is also, just like all the other girls on this list, on one of the best dating websites that is FREE. So, if you want to shoot your shot at this beautiful sexy Russian babe you can for FREE.

“I’ll be honest with you and won’t lie, that I’m a perfect woman. I think, all of us have downfalls. I am looking for a native person with whom I can trust and share myself and our future.”- Lilia

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