The New Year is different for many people in many ways. Some people look at it as a new beginning by going to the gym and starting a healthier lifestyle. Some people travel to other cities to celebrate with family and friends to bring the New Year into their lives, and then some people enjoy staying at home and watching the ball drop in New York from their television. But the real question here is what do Russian women enjoy doing for New Year? Is there a ball drop in that country that everyone watches, or is there a certain city or bar everyone attends? In this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 things Russian women love to do for New years just in case you want to join them or invite them out!

Have Fun

Okay so, obviously that is a given because we all want to have fun in our own ways while bringing in the New Year but Russian women take New Year very seriously! One way they bring in the New Year is they write their wishes down on a piece of scratch paper, burn it, and then throw the ashes into the champagne they are drinking and chug it down! They do this before the clock strikes midnight, and they do this to make sure their wishes come true in the New year. So if you plan on bringing the New Year in with a Russian woman, be prepared to do this ritual, and even if you’re miles away from her tell her you would love to give it a try! Just make sure the paper is fully burned out before chugging it down. It’s also theatre season so if your Russian lover is into theatre, a great gift to surprise her with would be tickets to see The Nutcracker or another show she may want to attend.


The New Year is hands down a Russian woman’s favorite holiday. It’s not only the biggest festival time of the year, but it is a time for them to forgive those who have wronged them, repay their debts, and start over! Russian women love starting the New Year with a clean slate. They don’t like to bring baggage, worries, or arguments into the New year. One way they do this is by purifying their body and their minds. Usually on December 31st Russian women will go to a sauna or take a hot bath to let go of all the problems that they have encountered in the year, and let it all go before the New Year. If you are looking to spoil or give a late Christmas gift to your Russian woman a gift card to a great sauna would be perfect! This lets her know you care about her mental state, and also that you want her to have her best year yet in 2022! 


In Russia, it is believed that a table with a large amount of food with all types of dishes and refreshments symbolizes prosperity and well-being in the coming New Year. if the table is not full of delicious choices, Russians believe the New Year will not be good for them, and they will have a rough time succeeding in it. While everyone indulges in their plates Russians like to meet properly at the table before bringing in the New Year with everyone at their party. They do this to discuss the year that is ending and revisit the great moments they had in it. They also like to wish each other good luck in the upcoming New Year and wish each other the best in their careers and life. So remember, on New Years’ Eve Russian women may be extremely busy with friends and family. These are rituals that they take very seriously and make sure to do every year. Let her know you understand this by giving her her time and space with her family and friends and she will fall for you even more!

No Sleeping

Russian women obviously have many rituals they do yearly on New Year’s Eve, but sleeping is definitely not one of them! In Russia, they believe it is a bad omen to sleep into the New Year because then they will be sleepy throughout the year, and it will be a very uneventful year for them if they do. So, if you go to bed early every New Year’s Eve make sure you stay up this year especially if you are talking to Russian women. Even though you may be miles away from her, doing small things like staying up to tell her Happy New Year will make her very happy because you are respecting her yearly ritual.

Dressing Up

Russian women believe that you must honor the New Year by wearing new clothes while celebrating on New Years’ Eve. So, if you are thinking of sending your Russian lover a surprise gift or late Christmas gift, a new outfit to wear on New Years’ Eve would be amazing! Not only will she be surprised by the unexpected gift and can wear it to her New Years’ Eve events. But she will definitely be thinking about you when people ask where she got it from, and let’s be honest all women love receiving a new outfit. Christmas may have already passed but there are still multiple ways to show a Russian woman you truly care about them before the New Year.

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