Age: 27
City: Banska Bystrica
Country: Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 5′ 7″ (171 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond
Education: College

Sport, alternative and modern dancing, snowboarding, swimming and skiing, definitely travelling! I love to explore the world and each part of it. I’m all in the makeup – it’s my joy, the beauties profession ever and a huge part of my life. Prefer healthy and good balanced food, love to cook and always ready for new experiences. Don?t tell anybody, sometimes I can’t resist from the junk food

I am a girl with a good sense of humor. I always try to see the positive sides in every situation) I?m VERY sociable and always happy to meet new people in case they’re open to me. Frankly to say I feel people don’t know how but it?s a fact) I?m a mature woman, and I know what life is – it?s not only a fairy tale, but at the same time we?re creators of our lives, and everything and all is in our hands. I truly believe that we’re the unity that should and can communicate with each other honestly, openly, and with respect, regardless of languages and religions. There?s no borders for me, I?m Cosmopolitan.

I believe in love, love is all we need. And I believe in beauty. But as for me the real beauty is not what has a nice appearance only, but what comes from inside. If I find a man who would be confident, honest with himself, who would be prudent and respect himself first, be a real conqueror, love his woman and treat her, her soul like a treasure – he will receive the highest award from me, my deepest love and care forever!