What exactly do Russian girls enjoy doing in their spare time? Eating pizza? Probably not. Eating fruits and vegetables, probably so. Russian women have hobbies that enhance their lifestyle. Unfortunately, we can’t say that about most Americans who may have hobbies of drinking at the bar each weekend. So what hobbies do Russian girls have after all? Let’s take a closer look. 


Russian girls have “dachas” or country houses because they love to grow fruits and vegetables. Dacha comes from the word “dat” in Russian, which means to give. Having these country houses for Russian women allow nature to give them healthful foods in abundance. Russian women enjoy taking care of their body and that means monitoring what goes into it. Not to mention that gardening is another way for Russian women to stay fit. 


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As we have already mentioned, Russian women are very mindful of what they consume. Along with this, they find cooking naturally pleasurable and don’t mind getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. It’s one thing to love cooking and not know what you are really doing. It’s an entirely different thing to love cooking and make delicious dishes that everyone enjoys. She does the latter. Her meals will keep you coming back for second and third helpings. And what do they always say? Cooking is the way to a man’s heart. Well, she has this area pretty squared away. 


Next on the list of hobbies that Russian girls have is traveling. Sightseeing and taking in the beauty of the world is always on their radar. Whether it is just exploring different parts of Russia or visiting other places abroad, they are willing to be signed up. It’s a good thing for you to note that Russian girls particularly like excursions. If at some point you decide to venture to Russia to visit her, she would appreciate an excursion with you. That would be a memorable experience she won’t soon forget. 

Working Out

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When it comes to taking care of the body, Russian girls aren’t new to the skill. Some people moan and groan about having to hit the gym or even walk around the block a couple of times a week. Not Russian women. They welcome exercise and really have a penchant for being fit and active. You won’t see her vegging out on the sofa all weekend eating pizza and drinking beer. You’re more likely to see her in her workout gear hitting a nature trail or at the gym pumping iron. To her, working out is not a chore; it’s a way to take care of yourself. If we all saw fitness through this lens, we’d look and feel a lot better than we do most days.


Russian girls are photogenic and love to be at the lens of a photographer. They also enjoy taking candid shots of beautiful things, places or people. The whole process of photography is fascinating to Russian women.

All in all, we hope we have answered the question “what hobbies do Russian girls have” with thoroughness. Perhaps you share some similar hobbies that you can bring up in your next conversation with a Russian girl. 

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