Women in Russia are family-oriented. From the time they are young, they are trained to be great wives and mothers. They take their time to look good, with the best clothes and shoes with the hopes of getting the attention of the man of their dreams. Why are Russian women looking for marriage? It is seeded in tradition for the Russian woman to care for a family and her husband. Russian women look forward to marriage and getting the chance to create the life that they have yearned for since childhood.

The important of the family unit to Russian culture

Western civilization is fueled by change, the newest technology, and the newest trends. Russia is unique because while it adheres to some of these trends, it still has the dominant themes of its traditions. These themes guide how they dictate their daily lives.

They are expected to be passed down from generation to generation through mothers. Children, especially young girls, look up to their mother as their role model and hope to be like her in the future.

why are russian women looking for marriage

They take pride in this sharing of information and are excited to do this when they have children. Russian women are looking for marriage because they wish to fulfill their duty of being a wife and mother.

Russia has a very traditional background where gender roles are followed pretty strictly. Women want to cook, clean, and take care of the children and men have the expectation of being the breadwinner and protector of the family.

Russian women looking for marriage sometimes do so because they want to pass the traditions that were passed down to them. In a Russian home, what mother says goes. This is a powerful position in the family and the mother is seen as the ultimate position of the family.

Societal Pressures

When Russian women date, they date to marry. Women tend to get married pretty young between the ages of 18 and 23. If you don’t get married young you are quickly referred to as an “old maid”.

In America, the average age of marriage is 29. This is foreign to Russian customs. If a woman has a child in her late 20’s she is known as an “old mother”. To surprise, in western society, this is the typical age to have a child.

“The tradition of early births has been so strong in Russia, that the average age of family formation remained virtually unchanged for more than a century. In 1897, the average age at marriage was 24.2 years for men and 21.4 years for women; in 1989 it was 24.4 and 21.8, respectively.” –Rotkirch & Kesseli, Witnessing change in contemporary Russia

Families in Russia are often multi-generational, meaning that it is not uncommon to see grandparents living in the same house as their grandchildren. Women think about the idea of having grandparents and even great-grandparents in the lives of their children.

When you hear the saying “it takes a village”, the Russian family is a great example of this. Russian women are looking for marriage because the way someone to commit to and to have a family with.

The Male-to-Female Ratio in Russia

The male to female ratio in Russia is unique to most countries that are in the former USSR. There are about 10 million more women in Russia than men. Because of this, women compete with each other to get the attention of men.

Once they find one, they do not want to let go. The competition is fierce, and especially because family is held at such a high regard, they want to make sure they are secure. In our article on the male to female ratio in Russia, we uncovered that men are dying at a much faster ratio than women. The average lifespan for women is 77 while the average lifespan for men is 66.

“By the time Russian women reach 25 years old, the number of male counterparts begins to dwindle at a pace not found anywhere else in the world, apart from several other former republics of the Soviet Union, dropping to 0.96 males per 1 female in the 25-to-54 year old age bracket; 0.75 per 1 female in the 55-to-64-year-old age bracket; and 0.45 per 1 female among the 65-and-older population.”  –World Population Prospects,” by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs

We found that the decreasing number of men after 25 years of age does have a strong association with alcohol consumption. Russian women looking for marriage often want to look for marriage before this age. Take advantage of this and start talking to a Russian woman right now.


Russian women are some of the most loyal wives on the planet. They will stick by their husband and family through hard times. When you look at the history of Russia, they praise the loyalty of wives.

The Decemberist Wives are known as the most loyal wives in history as they proved their loyalty by following their husbands into exile in Siberia and lost their ranks, titles, and property. This famous Russian story from 1825 is passed down through generations and highly regarded by Russian women. When they think of their future husband, they know that they would follow them through difficult times.

“History remembers how in the 19th century Russian women followed their exiled husbands to Siberia. So do not expect that you will be able to scare your Russian girlfriend with hardship. If you start pretending to be hopeless, you will get even more care and emotional support. And after that, she will definitely not leave you. Never.” –Russia Beyond

They are Selfless

Being some of the most educated population, 40% of Russian women have at least a bachelors degree. While they are intelligent and educated, they will put all of this on the back burner to become a wife and mother.

why are russian women looking for marriage

While they are selfless, she will do anything to take care of her family. Russian women are looking for marriage because they want a man who is selfless and will take care of her as well. A man is expected to make sacrifices for his family just as she would.

She wants someone who is goal-oriented and confident, they will have to prove themselves to her and her family.

She Enjoys Serving Others

Women from Russia are looking for marriage because they enjoy serving others. They enjoy serving others because of their traditional background. Russian women are often the type of people who think of others before themselves. They are known as someone who can be trusted to take care of their duties.

Traditionally, Russian women seek serving others, not because they are expected to, but because they want to. They appreciate the fact that this will please her man and family.

Russian women will cook extravagant meals for you and your family. They will make sure that your home is clean and that things are in order. They enjoy making sure that the home is together.

They go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy. This is one of their greatest qualities, they will put people that they love above themselves and do anything to make them feel valued.

She Wants To Make a Great Family Life

Women from Russia make the best mothers. Being a mother is one of the biggest goals for Russian women. While western women are beginning to wait later to start a family, Russian women are generally ready to start a family during their early twenties.

Homes in Russia are often multi-generational, so children are raised with the help of other family members as well. Often feeling the pressure from their daughters, Russian mothers start having children as soon as possible.

Russian women strive to build the family life that their mother created for them. In Russia, there are so many traditions that are passed on from mothers to their children.

They make sure that their children have good manners and that they are educated. Russian mothers make sure that their children are well rounded and know arts, athletics, traditional school subjects and more. Essentially, Russian women are looking for marriage because they want someone who they can build this family life with.

Why are Russian Women looking for marriage? Well, they want to find their best friend and teammate to tackle the hard times together. They are loyal and selfless and will always be there for their family. This bond is something that they grow up fantasizing about and training for. They will be a great wife and mother. To Russian women, the most important thing is the family unit and they want to uphold this idea. Learn for yourself why Russian women are looking for marriage.

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