Russian girls are some of the best people. They have their head on their shoulders and their family values make them perfect for relationships. There are so many reasons that Russian girls are beautiful but here are just a few.

1. They Don’t Mind Being Feminine

Russian girls are beautiful because they have old-fashioned standards that value their femininity. They embrace their womanhood and often reject the western feminist movement. Gender roles are expected in Russia and culturally this is the norm.

“Russians, by and large, adhere to relatively strict gender roles: women are expected to dress well and take care of themselves, want many babies, act as the center of the household, and be very ladylike while men are expected to carry all the financial responsibility, protect the honor of their women, carry heavy loads and drive the car.” –Russia Beyond


Women will not have a problem serving their man or their family. In Russia, this is what most women grow up looking forward to. They are basically trained from childhood on how to be a good wife and homemaker. Russian women have a desire to get married young, it is normal for a marriage to take place between 18 and a woman’s early 20s.

Most Russian girls are educated and get a bachelor’s degree. While they can have a career they often choose to be at home with their family. Women are fulfilled by taking their role as the homemaker of the house. If you are looking for a traditional women, then a Russian girl might be for you. 

“These feminists, they act like men… why would I want to act like a man? I’m proud of being a woman.” –Russia Beyond

“Russians do not refer to women as “the weaker sex”—nor do they think women are weak at all—but instead women are “the prettier sex.” –Berkley Center

2. They are Competitive

why are russian girls so beautiful

According to Pew Research, Russia has 86.8 men for every 100 women. This is number 7 in the world of places with the fewest men per 100 women. Young men in Russia have low mortality rate. Women are expected to live until 76, while men have an expectancy of 64.

Women who are raised to aspire for marriage have to compete for the attention of males. They are not afraid to go for what they want. Russian culture is generally competitive. The competition extends to business, economics, and love.

“I came to Russia eight years ago, and my first impression was that there is a competition going on here over men. Most women therefore looked very well groomed to me” –Patricia Robel, Russia Beyond

Because women are competitive over men, a Russian woman will treasure you more than others. Your woman will never take you for granted for the sake of losing you. Russian girls will make you feel loved and secure. They are very loyal and do not want to lose you.

3. They are Active

The main way to get around in Russia is using public transportation. According to 2017 data, 31% of people in Russia own a car while in the US 85% of people own cars. The most popular form of transportation is the train. In order to get to the train, people must walk to get to the station. This keeps them fit.

“Being in shape in Russia is more or less valued by men and is absolutely crucial for women.” –Understand Russia

A fit Russian woman is pretty easy to find, they don’t have a fast food fast food culture. And unlike families in western society, Rusian familied usually do not keep junk food around their homes.

A lot of people garden and grow their own fruits and vegetables. This is a large portion of the diet in Russia. This helps keep Russian women fit and slender.

4. They are Direct and Speak Their Mind

You’ve heard the stereotypes that Russians are serious. Russians do tend to be more serious compared to western society. Russian society does not feel the need to express strong emotions around strangers. There is no need to smile while walking on the streets and small talk is never necessary.

Russian society does not think of general interactions in terms of feelings. Their society is based more on logic and getting their point across. Even in the Russian language, their phrases when translated to English are much more direct.

Once you get to know someone they are much more direct. It takes a while to warm up to someone but after they are warm and pleasant. A Russian girl will be kind but will still be blunt and honest. They will not beat around the bush in order to try and spare your feelings. Honesty is the best policy with them and they expect the same in return.

5. They are Concerned About Their Appearance

why are russian girls so beautiful

Appearance is extremely important to Russian women. A traditional Russian woman will rarely leave the house without hair done, makeup on, a high fashioned outfit, and heels. Russia’s culture praises the lavish life including fancy clothing such as furs and extravagant jewelry.  Minimalist makeup application is looked down upon, as you are expected to look your best every day.

“Russians use too much perfume with very bright, strong fragrances, refreshing them throughout the day. You can feel it even at a distance!” –Dora Kiralihidi, Russia Beyond

Staying Informed

Russian women treasure their appearance and stay informed about the latest cosmetics and skin care routines. Because of the cold climate, they must take extra measures to make sure that their body and skin are preserved. They begin using an anti-aging cream at an early age, get manicures and pedicures consistently, and go to steam baths or sauna to keep their skin moisturized and wrinkle-free.

Women value looking great at all times and it makes them feel like a lady. They want to look good for their man and

6. They are Family-Oriented

’’A child raised in a dysfunctional family will suffer all of his life and will have a hard time creating a stable family. As women, our role is to protect our children.’’ –CQMI Agency Limited

Family values are extremely important to Russian women. The family unit includes the immediate family, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Though parents tend to have a small number of children, the entire family unit is very close.

“The tradition that everyone should love their own home and protect their family is instilled into Russians since the early childhood.” –Master Russian


From childhood, women are trained to look forward to having a family and want to give up a single life to be a good wife and mother. A traditional Russian woman wants to cook, clean, and take care of children because this is what they have been looking forward to since being a child. They want to be a perfect mother and perfect wife.

’’More than anything else, my utmost personal accomplishment is creating a family in which I will raise my children. Therefore, it is very important to find a man who will be strong and protective enough to ensure my family’s security. I think every human being can find fulfillment within its own family.’’ –CQMI Agency Limited

Russian women are much less concerned with looks and are more concerned with someone who can provide for a family. They look to western men because they are seen as able to provide a stable life for her and take care of her family. “Russian men are notorious for alcohol abuse” and a western man will live a long healthy life and be able to provide for her family and respect her.

7. They are Givers

Russian women are known to be givers in all areas. They are trained from childhood to live a selfless life that will be family oriented. They put others in front of themselves constantly, whether it’s her children or her husband, her selflessness will be very apparent. Russian women are generally very educated but most forgo their careers to take care of their families as this is their priority in life. 

8. They Like to Have a Good Time

While Russians are known to be serious, they also have a fun side. Russian men are known for their vodka and when they drink it’s a custom to go hard or go home but women tend to be less of vodka drinkers because this drink is “too hard” for women.

They tend to drink champagne and will do it less to get drunk. While they may not be huge drinkers, they are great hosts. Russian girls know how to entertain, this is another thing that runs down through a family. Russian women are taught how to entertain guests so of course, they know how to have a good time. 

9. They are Mature

Due to the fact that Russian women are groomed for family values from a young age. They are very straightforward and do not tolerate immature behavior. This is why Russian women tend to go for older men.

A traditional Russian woman usually wants someone who is ready for the things that she wants in life including children and a family. Young men in Russia are generally not ready to settle down until they are around 30.

Russian women do not let people walk all over them, they are straightforward and don’t like to mess around. If you are looking for a serious relationship with a Russian woman you might want to learn how to approach one.

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