You might wonder what draws people towards Russian women. Well, there are a multitude of qualities that make them an ideal wife. Of course, they are beautiful, but what else makes Russian women good for marriage? If you know anything about Russian culture, you may know they treasure their heritage. Russian women are grounded and want someone who will walk through life with them. What makes Russian women good for marriage exactly? Keep reading to find out!

They Honor Traditions

Russian women are traditional. They hold the thing that has been passed down dearly. This includes thoughts of marriage and family. Russian girls tend to get married young and place value on raising a family.

In Russian culture, if you are a woman above a certain age and not married, you are disdained upon. Because there were groomed for family and children at a young age, they already embody marital qualities.

Russian women want to be feminine and treated like a woman. Russian women tend to have a traditional stance on gender norms. They enjoy showing their differences from men and are not afraid to flaunt their femininity for everybody to see.

They will always wear their finest outfits and will rarely be spotted without a pair of heels. Their appearance matters to them and they want you to show them off. They put in work to look good which makes them feel good. Start chatting with women here!

They Have Strong Family Values

Family values are expected to be of more value than career goals for Russian women. This means that you will have a wife that is more than likely educated and intelligent also devoted to her husband and family.

Russian women are loyal partners who treasure a man who gives her the attention and love she desires. This is why there are so many Russian Women Seeking Men

She will want to have kids as soon as possible, and most likely only 2-3. A Russian woman will be excited to teach them everything she knows about Russian culture.

what makes russian women good for marriage

It is her duty to make sure her kids are groomed into good citizens of the world. She will teach girls the things that her mom taught her and she will teach a boy how to be a gentleman. She will make sure that her children deeply value their family and spend time with them.

First of all, family approval is very important to a Russian girl. If a man is lucky enough to be able to meet a Russian woman’s parents and they approve of you, you will be treated like a son. They will cook for you and make you feel like part of the family.

They’ll Treat You Like a Man

Russian women are very feminine and want their beauty to be noticed by their man. They will have their makeup, hair, and nails done with a high fashion outfit at all times.

She will want to stand out to you. These women want their feminine traits to be highlighted because they enjoy showing it off. They will make sure you feel loved by cook you extravagant meals and making you feel like you are in charge. 

Russian women are generally pretty independent, as they were groomed to run a household by 10 years old. Though they are able to be by themselves, they enjoy having a guy that will do “manly” things for her.

For example, when they go to the grocery store he will carry all of the groceries while she does the shopping. She will make you feel like you are the man and the protector of their family. A Russian woman will expect their man to be head of the household and take care of the things that do not directly deal with the children.

Russian women like to feel feminine. The best way to feel feminine is to treat her man like he deserves to be treated. She knows how you want to be treated because it’s been passed down.

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They’ll Be Straightforward

The culture in Russia is known as serious. They have different social cues and are actually extremely friendly when you get to know them. Some of the differences between western society and Russian society is that they do not encourage small talk as the western society would, they don’t smile at strangers as a greeting, they also don’t believe in political correctness. Expect to talk about hard subjects without holding back.

This is good for marriage because you don’t have to creep around topics, she won’t be afraid to speak up and tell you how she feels. When it comes to relationships, honesty is the best policy with a Russian girl. 

Their society is based more on logic and getting their point across. Even in the Russian language, their phrases when translated to English are much more direct. A western man will get used to this and come to understand that this is a great quality.

Furthermore, games will not be played with a Russian woman, she is very expressive in her language and facial expressions. In Russian society, this is a feminine quality that they not to stray away from.

They are Extremely Loyal

If someone said something about a Russian girl’s family she will be ready to go to bat for them. Additionally, the same thing goes for a man that she cherishes. She will stick by your side and be loyal to you.

Russian women are generally very self-sacrificing and will give up anything for their family. A Russian girl will be your best friend and critic because they are straightforward they will always tell you what they think, whether you want to hear it or not. With all that being said, Russian girls have high expectations.

Royal Treatment

Russian women treat their men like kings and expect to be treated like a queen in return, being protected and cared for. Once you are serious she will also value your friends and family the way she does her own. Even though she may initially come off cold, she will end up being an easy addition to your family and friend groups. 

“A typical Russian woman is still very old school and traditional compared to her western counterpart. With values and teachings deeply engraved in their inner selves since childhood, these women have an unmatched sense of devotion to their men. Most western men crave for loyalty and devotion that Russian women offer, of course western women are also loyal to their men but not as much as these women are.” –Romance Compass

Russian women are good for marriage because they can be some of the most thoughtful people. They will place complete trust in her husband.  Therefore, they will go out of their way to make their husband happy. Typically optimistic, Russian women live life with a positive attitude. A Russian wife will be able to cheer up her husband or her family as needed.

They are Intelligent

what makes russian women good for marriage

Almost 40% of women in Russia have higher education. Russian women are intelligent so you will be able to have a good conversation with them. They will say what is on their mind, but they will challenge you. In return, they want to be mentally challenged in return. Russians place education in high regard, as Russian school children are involved in ample activities.

“By the time the child is 5 years old, he or she is probably already enrolled in three different activities. A well-rounded education is desired (and required) by most Russian parents. Thus, in addition to a regular school day, many kids also take music classes, play a sport, and go to enrichment math and reading classes.”  Dina Leygerman, Romper

Also, Russians believe that arts are important for all around knowledge and they will be well versed in performing arts, literature and visual arts. The country has a deep history with arts and its importance has been passed down through generations. Meet Russian women now and get the information first hand.

They are Supportive

Overall, these are some of the qualities make Russian women great for marriage but these qualities are not the only ones. Once you get to know one, you will see for yourself all of the amazing characteristics that make one good for marriage and long-term relationships.

Their amazing looks and style will peak your interested but they will always be loyal, caring, and respectful, and this will make you want to stick around for the long run. What makes Russian women good for marriage is that they will always supportive. Not only this, but they will also create a vibrant family dynamic.

They are Loving

What makes Russian women good for marriage is that she’ll never make you doubt her love. She will actively show you that she loves you every day.

All in all, are Russian women good for marriage? Absolutely. They are some of the most caring people and best wives/mothers. They are devoted to being the best they can be and this attitude has been passed down through tradition.

She will love you and honor you like you deserve. Being with her will make you feel valued as a man.

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