What do Russian women do for fun? That’s a good question. Russian women are raised in a traditional fashion. Their habits and interests are often passed down from generation-to-generation.

Russian women enjoy a myriad of interests. They are smart and like to learn new things and explore new topics. So what do Russian women do for fun? Keep reading to find out!

She Spends Time With Family

what do russian women do for fun

Family is one of the most important aspects in a Russian woman’s life. She is without a doubt family-oriented. Russian women were raised with traditional values, handed down from their mother and grandmother.

In Russia, the saying ‘it takes a village‘ is very literal. Often times, grandparents have a large part in raising their grandchildren. So it’s likely that she is very close to her grandparents, especially her grandmother. Also known as her “Babushka.” It is common for three generations to live in one household.

Celebrations and gathers are common in Russia. Whether you are just gathering to eat and have fun or whether it is a special occasion, you can expect that the entire family will meet often.

You will find her cooking with her mother, grandmother, and sister(s). A Russian woman will often host celebrations and family gathers. Hosting a gathering is part of the teaching that’s been passed down through generations.

She’s Mall Shopping

Russian women enjoy looking good. They value their appearance so they are more times than not wearing heels, a nice outfit, and makeup.

Russian women love shopping so they are often at the mall. They care about the newest clothes and makeup. The culture of Russia is very traditional, so gender roles are followed. Women like to shop for feminine clothing that shows off their curves.

The dating climate in Russia is extremely competitive for women. A reason that they dress nicely is that they want to stand out. They especially want men to notice them. They are comparing themselves to other women and feel the need to dress up in order to feel in place.

She’s Working Out

what do russian women do for fun

Like we said earlier, appearance is important to Russian women. They are often trademarked by their beauty. Russian women are feminine. They enjoy dressing nicely and overall looking their best.

Appearance doesn’t just include clothes and makeup. It also includes fitness, which Russian women take very seriously.

“Fitness in Moscow is more than just going to a gym. It is a status symbol.” –Russia Beyond

Working out does not only include gym memberships. Russian women are also involved in skiing and ice skating for exercise. Regardless of how she gets her exercise. A Russian woman will find it imperative that she gets it in somehow.

She Goes to the Ballet or Theater

Ballet and theater are important cultural features in Russia. They both have a long history in Russian culture. This history is part of the tradition that is passed down from mother to child.

Children are encouraged from a young age to go to the ballet and theater. They are also encouraged to take part in it. Russian children’s education is about being versed in all-around experiences. She probably took ballet classes when she was a child. These include sports and arts.

“By the time the child is 5 years old, he or she is probably already enrolled in three different activities. A well-rounded education is desired (and required) by most Russian parents. Thus, in addition to a regular school day, many kids also take music classes, play a sport, and go to enrichment math and reading classes. ” Dina Leygerman, Romper

The arts are a huge part of Russian culture. The Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg holds paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso, and Da Vinci. From a young age, children are encouraged to care about art and history. They are taught the value of these in our society.

You can often find a Russian woman at the ballet or theater because she finds value in the arts. The Russian style of ballet is unique to other styles and it is celebrated. Unlike western society, the arts are still highly esteemed and treasured.

She’ll be Enjoying a Book

Russian women are intelligent. According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, 37% of women have higher education degrees. Which is 8% more than men in the country.

The literacy rate in Russia is an astonishing 98%. Because Russian culture values learning and facts, they like to learn more about the world. Instead of hammering down on one topic, a Russian girl will be interested in many aspects of life.

Their most popular books are often nonfiction and historical fiction. Some of the most famous Russian books include War and Peace, Anna Karenina, and Eugene Onegin.

So, what do Russian women do for fun? A myriad of different activities. Usually, ones that include family and learning. Russian women have diverse interests. So make sure to ask her what she enjoys!

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