Many seniors look to senior-specific dating sites for companionship in their golden years. After a while of searching without success, they often realize that the spark they once enjoyed is missing. A large number of seniors have found that excitement returns with international dating online. It provides the ability to learn more about their companion than the traditional approach. International dating online allows users to filter through preferences and avoid traits they are not interested in, something that is not available with traditional methods.  Below, we will outline some helpful tips for the pursuit of love in your golden years.

Stay True to Your Comfort Levels

Whether or not it seems “old school”, stick to the values you have built over your life. Do you prefer to wait a few dates before expressing your feelings? That is okay! You don’t want to kiss until the third date? No problem! Keep in mind that people using online dating sites may have different goals or desires, so if it is not listed on their profile, it is acceptable to ask a Russian woman what they are looking for. Communication is key to online dating.

Build Your Online Dating Profile

To start, you will want to sign up and build your online dating profile. While this is a topic in itself, we will provide the basic outline for your profile. Start off by taking or gathering 4-5 good photos. You want them to have good lighting and to be able to clearly see you. Avoid group photos and photos that are too close up. It is advised to show some lifestyle photos of you doing the things you enjoy. Remember to smile to let them know you are happy and approachable. 

After you have uploaded your photos, set some time aside to outline who you are on your profile. Give potential suitors a glimpse into your life by letting them know what you do, what you enjoy, and what you are looking for. A brief description of your family and hobbies is great too. You want to let them know that you enjoy an active lifestyle and that you would like for them to be a part of it.  

What to Do on a Date

Asking what to do on a date is a common question. You probably asked yourself the same question when you were a nervous 18-years old planning your first date. The goal is to provide an exciting experience that leaves that special Russian lady thinking and talking to her friends about you. However, dating should be an activity you both enjoy. If the relationship is new, double dates with friends can be a nice way to keep the spotlight off of you.  Another idea is to make plans to have a quiet lunch or virtual date where you can simply enjoy each other’s company and talk about whatever comes to mind.  Perhaps you can establish where your Russian lady would like to go on your next date?  

Where to Go on a Date

When you’re pursuing love in your golden years, there is no shortage of activities to choose from depending on how far along you are in the relationship.  Some examples are:  

  • Movie or Theater
  • Virtual Movie Night
  • Concerts or Virtual Concert
  • Cooking Classes
  • A Round of Golf or Golf Lesson
  • Play a Game Online Together
  • A Stroll Through the Local Park
  • Virtual Wine Tasting
  • Art Gallery or Museum
  • Spa Day
  • Dinner at Home

Let Your Family Know

At some point, your family will begin to ask questions. It is ideal to discuss your dating intentions with them before you get too engaged. Explain what you are doing and that you may have someone new in your life soon. Once you establish a relationship with that special someone, you will want to introduce them to your family. Plan for introductions to be at a neutral location, possibly a restaurant or a coffee shop. Let your family and your partner talk and ask any questions they may have. Your happiness should matter to your family and if you express that this new person makes you happy, they will likely accept them.  

Manage Your Expectations  

When you begin online dating, it is normal to be excited because you are experiencing something new. You are likely talking to a few new people and figuring out who is the best connection. It is important that you manage your expectations along the way. If you are looking for a serious, committed relationship with a Russian woman, it will probably take a little time to establish. Allow yourself to enjoy each moment, the time it takes to get to know your partner, and all the little things that make them unique. 

Avoid Scams: 

It is unfortunate, but there are many scams that prey on senior citizens. They attempt to exploit the lack of experience with technology or pull at your heartstrings to provoke an emotional decision. Online scammers typically use a fake profile that appears too good to be true and their motivation is to ask for money. Remain vigilant and aware when dating online to avoid these issues.  

Dating is an exhilarating and amazing experience. Your family may ask why you have decided to start dating now or you might need to get creative on your date ideas. But, we all want a companion to share the moments in life with. Someone we can talk to about our day or share a quality meal with. It is possible that heartbreak may proceed an amazing relationship so take the good with the bad and remain positive as you embark on this journey for the pursuit of love in your golden years.  


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