The meaning of flowers to Russian women go much deeper than just special occasions. They have strong representations attached to them and Russian women will look into what you send them as a gift. While most Western women aren’t picky about this,  Russian women are very particular when it comes to flowers. So how should you buy flowers for your Russian sweetheart?

Flower Type

When giving the gift of flowers to your Russian sweetheart, always consider which one to choose. This is not the time to rush into the store and buy whatever is on sale. If you take this approach, it could have catastrophic effects on your relationship. 


The first type of flower to get are tulips. These, by far, will make your Russian lady light up with joy and happiness when she receives them. Tulips symbolize elegance and grace. They also mean perfect love so if you give these to her, she will know you really feel special about her. Most flowers that are given to Russian women are tulips so don’t be taken back by the “perfect love” symbolism. 


the meaning of flowers to russian women roses pic

The second type of flower to present to your Russian woman are roses. Across most cultures, roses represent love and romance and Russia is no different. These classic and timeless flowers have held this symbolism for hundreds of years. On one hand, you can’t go wrong with giving these flowers to your Russian beauty. On the other hand, you can take a turn for the worst if you choose the wrong color.


To begin with, Russian women absolutely adore flowers, but they will also read into the color. If you want to express your sincere love and respect for her, you’d better know what colors will work for you or against you. What a shame it would be to have spent so much time building a great foundation only to have it ruined by a simple color. Don’t let this happen to you.


the meaning of flowers to russian women tulips

If you are going on a first date or this is your first time sending roses to your sweetheart as a gift, go for white. Why? Since roses symbolize love, white would mark the beginning of your feelings about her. It says you see something special in her, but you want to let your feelings for her buildup as you get to know her better. She will respect your choice in color and if you can explain it to her, you’ll get even more brownie points! And who doesn’t want more of those?


When you start to understand more about her, pink roses can represent an increase in your feelings. Giving these to her after you gave her white roses will automatically let her know that you feel stronger feelings for her. 


If you are feeling intense emotions about your Russian sweetheart, you should get her beautiful red roses. These crimson flowers symbolize strong, passionate feelings. If you aren’t ready for what these flowers represent, hold off until you do. The worst thing you can do is send mixed signals to your Russian woman and put her in a state of confusion. Be clear about how you feel and be intentional about what you give her as a gift. She will read into everything so make sure what you say and what you do are aligned.   


One of the most celebrated holidays in Russian culture is Women’s International Day in March. The best flower to get during this time would be purple tulips. Why? Purple symbolizes royalty and you want to make her feel like a princess at all times. As we stated earlier in this article, tulips represent elegance and grace. Getting her these flowers would tell her you believe she is a graceful and elegant princess! Russian women will appreciate this gesture for you and will be sure to reward you. 


When you think of yellow flowers, think of caution.You want to be very careful when buying yellow flowers for your Russian sweetheart. Yellow represents sadness and oftentimes, breakup or separation. If you have been talking to your Russian lady for a while and decide to send her yellow flowers, she will be devastated. In her mind, she will believe you are breaking up with her. So when in doubt, steer clear of yellow flowers!



On one hand, any odd number of flowers will be seen as joyous. You can give odd-numbered flowers during special occasions like New Year’s or birthdays. Flowers with a specific count like this oftentimes represent good luck. 


On the other hand, any even number of flowers will be tied to death. This is because even-numbered flowers are only given when someone passes away or at funerals. The last thing you want to do is send your Russian sweetheart a dozen roses. She will know right away that you don’t know about her culture and this will make her disconnect from you.

All in all, the meaning of flowers to Russian women are deeply rooted in long-standing traditions. The more you know about which flowers to get them, the more they will feel understood. Taking the time to research her culture will make her feel like you really do take her seriously. Click here for more tips regarding Russian women and dating.

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