By definition, stonewalling is when someone refuses to communicate or express their emotions. 

There is ample advice on the dangers of stonewalling in a relationship. Many couples let this type of behavior go untamed, but it can wreak havoc on your relationship over time. The dangers of stonewalling in a relationship can cause division and misunderstandings. The best way to handle stonewalling is to lead by example in the relationship and always communicate. 


The first danger of stonewalling in a relationship is the division that can be felt. If you or your partner stonewall, it can create a barrier between the two of you. In any relationship, it is vital to stay connected and on the same page with one another. When you or your partner’s behaviors promote division instead of unity, it weakens your bond. If you compound this behavior over the course of several years, you can imagine the detriment it can cause. When you are connected to your special lady, it means breaking down those walls of isolation. While it may be comforting to step away from tension or conflict, it doesn’t help you work through your issues. Always remember: never go to bed angry. This rule goes for online dating as well.


Another danger of stonewalling in a relationship deals with misunderstandings. You won’t always be able to see your Russian beauty on a video chat so communication becomes even more paramount. Every word you type can either help or hurt what you’re trying to cultivate. If it takes you several hours in between text messages, that can make your partner feel like you don’t take them seriously. You won’t always have the privilege to hear the tone of your Russian beauty so there could be a few misunderstandings. A short message from you could make her feel like you don’t want to chat, but maybe you just had a really long day and are in the car driving home. In order to keep misunderstandings to a minimum, you need to be transparent and have an open mind. 

Lead by Example

If you don’t want your Russian lady ignoring you, make sure you don’t ignore her. The simple rule is this: treat others how you want to be treated. This adage hasn’t been around for a long time for no reason. It offers timeless advice and acts as a catalyst to remedy relationship issues. At all times, we should be aware of how we are treating others. Too often we expect someone to treat us like royalty when we don’t give the same treatment in return. If you want to have a conversation with your Russian darling about expression, make sure you are setting the example first. 

Always Communicate  

Any couple in the world will tell you that communication is hands down the most important cornerstone of a relationship. If you cannot speak your way out of troubling times, you will keep having troubling times. If you cannot express your true feelings, you will never feel understood by your partner. When we say communicate, we don’t mean just telling your partner what they want to hear. We mean digging deep and getting honest about how you feel. We mean sharing even the most uncomfortable topics because if you can’t share them with your partner, who else can you confide in? Part of supporting your Russian sweetheart is being present with her through every upheaval and triumph that comes along. Honor your promises. If you say you will reach out to her tomorrow, make sure you follow through. Follow up and follow through are even more important with online dating. When you drop the ball, it can make your partner feel like they are being ignored or unappreciated. If you will be late to a call, communicate the change. If you set up a video call, be on time. These are all important avenues of communication that can keep your relationship out of the shadows.

All in all, the dangers of stonewalling in a relationship are not exclusive to traditional relationships. These detrimental factors can wreak havoc for online dating as well. If your Russian sweetheart isn’t giving you the attention or conversation you want, you have to voice your concern. It is your job to always convey how you truly feel. Remember to never go to bed angry and always be consistent with your Russian darling. 

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