If you speak and read in English, the Russian alphabet may look confusing. Reading symbols rather than letters may take some getting used to. When you look closely, there is quite a resemblance to the English alphabet. 33 letters make up the Russian alphabet. There are 10 vowels, 21 consonants, and 2 pronunciation symbols. The best way to learn the alphabet is to take it one step at a time. Russian is a phonetic language so once you understand the pronunciation of words, you’ll be able to start speaking it in no time. Here is the best way to learn Russian.

Watch this video to understand the basics of the Russian alphabet.

Is Russian a Hard Language to Learn?

The Russian language is phonetically easier than English. When you start to understand the alphabet, you should be able to pronounce the words pretty easily. One of the hardest parts of the Russian language is learning the grammar structure. English is generally a hard language to learn because it is full of tenses, articles and complicated sentence structure. The Russian language does not have all of this. For example, if you say, “can you please give me time?” in Russian, the translation will be a much simple “give time please.”

How Can You Learn?

It takes practice to learn any language.  The best way to learn Russian is to simply do something you already love: start watching Russian films. We suggest you start with this popular gem, Three seconds (Going Vertical). It currently is the highest Russian movie of all time. Watching movies with subtitles and actively listening to the language is a great way to learn Russian. As your understanding and vocabulary start to improve, you will start to understand context. This is meant to assist the learning that you are already doing. If you just watch foreign movies mindlessly, this will not help you in any way.

The best way to learn Russian is to practice. Writing, reading, listening and conversing will help you a great deal. If you practice all of these methods, you will start to understand the Russian language in no time. The video above and the entire series is a great foundation for learning the language. Tools like this will help you see the vocabulary and hear the pronunciations as well. Understanding her language is a great way to help make a long distance relationship thrive.

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