Russian girls are much more than their looks, although the latter does give them a lot of attention. Beyond their beauty, Russian girls also have gender battles within Russia. In 2020, Kennan Institute conducted a live virtual conference. Insights regarding the astounding status of Russian girls in Russian Society were discussed with distinguished Russian, European and North American Academics and Practitioners. Present-day dynamics, challenges and opportunities that Russian girls have in Russia were coupled with first-hand experiences. 


Do women outnumber men in Russia? Absolutely, by a staggering 7:1 ratio. When we discuss working women in Russia today, we must keep in mind that there is still great segregation in employment. Although employment is high for women, the opportunity to advance in their careers are limited. Moreover, Russia actually has a list of legally banned professions just for women. Is this your first time hearing about that? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. 

According to The Moscow Times, for decades Russian girls have been “banned from being employed in 456 different jobs.” The order, updated by President Vladimir Putin in 2000, kept women from working as train/truck drivers. Furthermore, they were banned as ship crew, car mechanics and Navy personnel. Women like Svetlana Medvedeva were denied the opportunity to pursue their dreams because the profession was banned to women.

However, in January 2021, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation issued an order to shorten the list. Currently, there are 100 banned occupations instead of over 450. But should Russian girls settle for that? Many of them don’t and want to have a better life with equal rights elsewhere. 

Gender-Based Violence


Unfortunately, there are quite a number of domestic violence cases that arise in Russia. Thankfully, there are women who have found a way to assist in this area. Founder of ANNA Center, Marina Pisklakova-Parker unifies 150 organizations to combats violence against women. When COVID-19 put Russia on lockdown, many Russian girls found themselves locked up with abusive spouses. Did you know that 90% of the new cases of violence were associated with the pandemic? That’s a frightening percentage, considering the domestic complaints tripled during this time. The good thing to know is that many bachelors in North America are eager to give these beautifully underestimated women a different life. Feeling safe and comforted at home shouldn’t be a luxury.

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What do Russian women want? Happiness, peace. love, equality; basic wants that every person desires, regardless of their culture. After discussing the astounding status of Russian girls in Russian society. These women are much more than their appearance and aesthetic charm. Russian girls deal with inequality, limited opportunities and unfair treatment. It is no wonder why they venture into other countries like North America to live a better life. 

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