Russian women are looking for love. Their traditional culture primes them with the aspirations to get married at a young age. The women are mature at a much younger age than men and are looking for men who can provide. Russian women welcome the idea of western men who are able to supply a solid family life for her. Russian women and western men are a good match for these reasons and more. 

“Sixteen percent of all marriages registered in Moscow in the first ten months of 2015, were mixed, according to data from the state registry office.” –The Moscow Times

Russian Girls and Western Men Have Traditional Upbringings

In Russia, tradition is more important than the new and exciting trends. A woman would raise her children in a certain way because that’s what her mother and her mother’s mother did.

“Russian culture generally possesses very strong conceptions about femininity and masculinity. Women are expected to be well groomed, reserved and have a feminine look. Those who are strong-willed or outspoken can make people feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, though men are also expected to present themselves tidily, it’s more acceptable for them to be unshaved, slightly unkempt and out of shape. If a Russian man is too well groomed, it may raise questions about his masculinity.” –Cultural Atlas

Women are taught to be feminine, family-centered and loyal. These traits (plus others) are why Russian women are so sought after. Russian women and western men work well together because they tend to be more on the traditional spectrum. If you are looking for a woman who will put her family over everything, Russian women are great

Russian Girls are Family-Oriented

Women in Russian culture were seen in a symbolic sense. They symbolize motherhood, fertility and growth. They are an essential figure to Russian society and their importance to the family unit is high.

“Women were associated with fertility not only in regards to motherhood but also in their leadership over fertile fields and forests.” –Macalester College

In Russian mythology, women are seen as mermaids who rule the skies, as protectors of a group. They also worship Mother Earth. This idea of Russian women as fertile protectors lives on to this day in the sense of motherhood. They preside over the home and children while men do the labor and together, the family reap the benefits.

Russians are generally more superstitious than westerners. Their folklore has been passed down throughout generations and in ways, affect the themes of Russian culture.  

Russian Girls Strive for a Sense of Security

are russian women and western men a good match

Due to the fact that Russian women are so family-oriented, it’s easy to understand why one would strive for a sense of security in partnership. In Russia, men are expected to be the provider in a family structure. They are also the protector.

Western men tend to be a good match because they are thought to be better providers. Not only this, but they also have respectful and chivalrous characteristics. On the other side, Russian men are often big drinkers and lack the attention that a woman may want. If you can show her the admiration and affection she desires, she will appreciate you.   

Russian Girls Like Older Men

In Russia, age matters a lot when it comes to dating and love. Older men are expected to be more mature and financially stable. Women in Russia are primed from a young age to look for a man to marry.  Russian men in this same age group are not expected to look for marriage yet.

Russian women are very educated, as most have a bachelor’s degree. Essentially, they are looking for someone who is intelligent enough to engage in meaningful conversation.

“Eastern European ladies are very smart and intelligent, and they are very sophisticated. Even young Slavic ladies are very wise. That’s why they do not feel any interest in young men who are still too harebrained. And for that reason, women in Russia and Ukraine are subconsciously looking for a man who is wise and mature. And it means, an older man.” – Best Matchmaking

What Western Men Offer

Russian women and western men are portrayed as energetic and lively, unlike Russian men. What does this mean exactly? An older western man can be energetic and mature while being able to provide for a family.

The concept of growing with someone until they succeed is not popular among Russian women. They want someone who is already stable and not just getting on his feet.

“…couples where a man is younger or when they are both of the same age, divorce most often. The reason is that women in Russia develop faster than men. If a Slavic woman is ready for marriage in her early 20’s, a man is still irresponsible and too young for marriage at his 20’s and even 30’s in these countries. That’s why, a woman who is tired of a man being too irresponsible, divorces sooner or later and starts searching for a man who would be wise and responsible…” – Best Matchmaking

Western Men Stand Out 

“You can just speak English and heads will turn,” said Sean, 26, an English language teacher. Russian women are also more forward, he says: “You can just be talking to someone and some beautiful girl will come up to you with a chat-up line. Back at home, the guy would have to have to make the first move.” –The Moscow Times

Russian women and western men are compatible because Russian women are used to cold and entitled Russian men. With competition among women being so high, they often think “you don’t meet a Russian man, you are chosen by one” (Salon).

Russian Women Want More

are russian women and western men a good match 3

While Russian men are generally very chivalrous in the ways that are expected, they don’t tend to do much more. Russian women and western men are both pretty traditional. Western men are portrayed as gentlemen who treat their lady like a princess. They actually take the time to understand what she really wants.

Russian men are known, and encouraged by society, to cheat on their significant others. Consequently, Russian women may look for western men because they want a loyal companion. Women are expected to accept the cheating, but not do it themselves. Western men are viewed as more faithful in this way.

How to Impress a Russian Woman

Russian ladies can be impressed by a western man in simple ways. They crave the love and affections that most women would. There are specific ways to make sure that you can knock her off of her feet.

Dress nicely

“Russian men tend to dress very simply, and once they’re in a relationship they can often forgo dressing well entirely and settle down into comfortable-meets-shabby gear.” –Trip Savvy

Due to the fact that Russian women deeply value their appearance, they are also impressed by men who can match their nice style. This doesn’t have to be expensive clothes, they are impressed by clothes that fit well and show off your masculine features. To Russian women, a well-dressed man is someone who deserves a chance.

Be assertive but not aggressive

“Russian men can be almost aggressively assertive, and while you want to stay away from that end of the spectrum, you definitely don’t want to come off as indecisive or letting her make all the decisions. Keep it at a good balance, but especially at the beginning of a relationship, you want to make sure that you take control when necessary.” –Trip Savvy

You want to be a man and show her that you are in control without being possessive. For example, if you were going on a date, you would tell her where you were going and not be passive and let her choose. You would pay the bill and be a gentleman.

Show her that you care

“… many Russian men can be quite rough, and you can stand out by being considerate, compassionate, and generally making sure she’s comfortable, happy, and listened-to.” –Trip Savvy

are russian women and western men a good match

Show her that you have the qualities of someone who she would see a long-term relationship with. These qualities will make you different from the Russian men that she is used to and you can easily stand out. Russian women and western men will both be caring and loving towards each other both having a passion for family values. 

With all that being said, are Russian women and western men a good match?

Russian men are very open to finding a western man. There is fierce competition between women because there is an imbalance in the population between men and women. A western man portrays stability which is very attractive to Russian women.

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