Covid impacted many things in the world and continues today. One thing Covid changed was the dating scene and how people connect with each other. Dating sites and dating apps became more popular with $6 billion dollars worth in sales globally during the pandemic, and couples are now more likely to meet online rather than any other way according to a 2019 Stanford Study. Many dating sites and apps push their clients and urge them to video chat with singles near them or the person they match with.

The problem with dating online isn’t video chatting, live chatting, or finding our dream spouse, it is getting to that point! When a guy first matches with a woman online, they are unsure of what to say to her. In addition, they are still unsure of what to say because they don’t want to ruin the opportunity with their match. This issue isn’t just for one dating site, it is for all of them that have gentlemen on their site trying to find love. Do you need help messaging your Russian crush online? We can help! You just have to keep reading.

The Ice-Breaker Essentials


So you just matched with your dream Russian woman and you have no clue what to say. Even though you are nervous it’s important to remember that she is too. Just take a deep breath and follow these ice-breaker essential tips.

When you first match with a Russian woman on an international dating site you need to review her profile before messaging her. See what her hobbies are, her ideal relationship, and anything else she has noted on her dating profile. This not only will help you understand your match more, but it will also help you get some ideas to talk about during your first discussion.

Have Confidence In Yourself

When messaging Russian women, you want to make sure that you are confident in yourself and you want to display manliness. Simply be yourself but do not be overconfident or cocky, because then she will not even message you back. Russian women enjoy talking to men who start the conversation first. So, if you want to meet your dream Russian girlfriend on an international dating site YOU have to make the first move!

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Great Conversation Starters

There are a lot of different topics that can help you break the ice when messaging your Russian match, but it’s best to just keep it simple. If you review her profile you can message her about something you noticed in one of her photos or compliment her on a particular photo, one of the hobbies she enjoys doing, her favorite food, or where she would like to travel to. When you send your first message make sure the topic interests you as well. Don’t start the conversation about something you have no knowledge of or don’t even care about. The key to your first message is to make sure you stand out so you catch her attention.

Horrible Conversation Starters

Do not message a Russian woman by saying “Hi” and then wait for her to respond. She will most likely not respond or even open the message at all. If she has a gentleman in one of her pictures on her profile, don’t ask if that is her boyfriend or ex-husband.  Don’t send a cliche phrase or a joke that she will not understand. If you expect to chat with any single Russian woman online, do not let your first message to them be a sexual compliment or involve sexual intentions at all! Russian women on international dating sites are looking for love and someone to spend time with them, NOT their bodies!

How To Communicate With A Russian Woman 

After getting past the initial ice-breaker with a Russian Woman on an international dating site, some gentlemen do not know how to keep the conversation going-which causes the Russian woman to lose interest. There are multiple ways to keep the conversation going and interesting. Learn some Russian words and their meanings for her. This is a great way to flirt with her and show her that you are interested in her. Discuss positive topics that are currently happening in your life and her life. Take interest in her by asking follow-up questions about a topic that may have been discussed earlier between the two of you. Add emojis or graphic content to your messages.

It is a well-known fact that people react to pictures even more now than they do to a regular message. The most important thing, make sure you make your intentions clear. Russian women appreciate sincerity and honesty, so they want to know your intentions from the start. Do your best to not rush into anything or rush her. Continue to keep the conversation flowing in a positive manner and you both will be live chatting before you know it!

How NOT To Communicate With A Russian Woman

 When communicating with a Russian Woman back and forth, there are some things that do not need to be discussed or brought up until later on in the conversation. Avoid discussing sex or previous ex’s when chatting with Russian women online. Do not intrude on her private space, by continuing to ask questions about her personal problems. When she is ready to discuss them with you she will but for now, leave those questions for later on in the relationship. Do not ask her about her finances or how she likes to spend her money. You both are still getting to know each other so major topics like that do not need to be brought up just yet.  These topics may rise to the top in the future but for now, these are conversations to stay away from if you are really interested in her.

Send That Message!

Now that you have the information on how to message your Russian crush online and keep the conversation flowing in a positive direction. Go send that first message! Great relationships take time and effort whether the couple met online or offline. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t sent the first message yet to your match, or if you are stuck on what to say to a Russian woman after she messages you back. This information will not only help you get past the introductory phase it will help you get past other phases as well. Remember that Russian women have high moral values so build an emotional bond with her and learn her soul prior to rushing into things. If you do these things you will have no problem messaging your Russian crush online!

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