When it comes to love, the older population is often marginalized. There are hundreds of websites that cater to young people dating and finding love, but what about older people? There are a lot of stereotypes that older men want to find a younger woman on Russian dating sites, but that isn’t always the case. Are you looking for Russian women over 50? Russian Girls Online is here to help you find your dream woman.

Russian women are very traditional. They were raised learning from their mother how to cook, clean, host, and raise kids. Western countries generally have more stereotypical modern ideals that encourage the elimination of gender roles. While Russian society is much more traditional, and while gender roles are in place, modern society is not oppressive of women. Women in Russian generally take care of the household, take care of the children, and work at the same time. They are empowered in different ways than the western ideology.


If you are looking for Russian women over 50 you might also be looking more for companionship. As humans, we have a natural need for socialization. Sometimes, we just want someone who is going to tell us that we’re going to be okay when we’re feeling a bit down. 

As one ages, the approach to dating changes. Instead of finding someone to build a new life with, generally the older population is looking for someone who shares similar interests. When looking for Russian women over 50, really look at their bio and interests. Make a connection with them about things that they care about. This is the best way to really reach the heart of a Russian woman.

There is a gender imbalance in Russia, there are over 10,000 more women than men. Russian women are seeking western men to fill their needs of companionship that simply cannot be met in their current place. They are looking for a gentleman, who they share common interests with, and can provide a decent life. 

A Russian woman has been raised to be in charge of taking care of the household. She takes her role as a woman seriously. Generally, she will enjoy cooking and tidying up. A Russian woman over 50 will also expect you to hold up your role as a man. Russian women are very traditional, and a Russian woman over 50 will have even more traditional standards. Treat them accordingly. Be a gentleman and let them know your intentions. 

The Best Sites for Quality Russian Women Over 50

Dream Singles

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Dream Singles is a website specializing in Slavic dating. You can find women from Russia, Ukraine, and other Slavic countries. We suggest this site because they have a wide range of women with ages ranging from 18 and up. The female to male ratio is 7:1 and has thousands of Russian women over 50 looking for love. 

Russian Girls Online

This website is great because they go very in depth within the profiles. If you are looking for things you have in common with a woman, you can find them at Russian Girls Online. We think this is one of the best tools because they also have an extensive library of articles. These articles can help you learn more about Russian women and Russian dating.  

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