Russian culture is very different from western culture. The norms that you may think everyone abides by may not be the same for Russian Women. When it comes to approaching and engaging Russian women, knowing how to talk to Russian women can make a difference.

Be Direct

The Russian language is very direct. As a culture, they come off as cold, but this is because they do not believe in small talk and showing their emotions to strangers. Once you get to know a Russian woman, they are very open and friendly. You just have to knock down their walls first. Russian women like to get straight to the point in a conversation.

Be the Man

A Russian woman wants you to take charge in any situation. She wants to know that you will protect her and stand up for her. When you are talking with a Russian woman, take charge of the conversation. Don’t be forceful, but make sure she knows that you will be the dominant figure in the relationship.

how to talk to russian women

You have to be polite, but at the same time be assertive. Being rude and assertive will get you nowhere because a Russian woman desires a gentleman.

The best thing to do is make sure you are listening to her opinions while letting her know that, at the end of the day, you make the decisions.

State Your Intentions

Russian women were raised to be mothers and wives and they embrace it. At young ages, they helped around the house and learned all of the traditional dishes that are customary in their culture. They are looking for long-term relationships that will lead to marriage. Let them know upfront if you are looking for this type of relationship. Don’t waste her time if you are not.

Compliment Her Looks

In western culture, if you compliment a woman solely on her looks, it comes off as insensitive to her as a whole. Russian women spend a lot of time making sure that they look good so you better let her know that she looks good. She will buy the best clothes and jewelry and have her hair and makeup done at all times. She wants you to notice her and if you don’t, she will feel neglected.

Support Your Talk With Actions

Russian girls want to know that you will come through when you say something. This is a way to assert your dominance and show that you are a real man. If she is looking for someone that sees a future with, she wants to know that this person will be able to come through when they say they will.

If you are not reliable while you are dating, it is not likely that you will be a reliable husband. A Russian woman will look for this type of behavior early on.

Don’t Ask If You’re Not Seeking Truth

Because small talk is not appreciated in Russian culture, she will respond with her true feelings if asked a question. If you ask “how was your day” she will respond with how her day really was, all grievances and highlights.

how to talk to russian women

We’ve seen people on international dating sites like Dream Singles trying to have small talk and it doesn’t go well. Also, on sites like Dream Singles, people who try to have serious discussions typically do well.

Russian women are among the most highly educated. She is very knowledgeable about the world and can talk with you about any topic. Being politically correct is not very prevalent in Russian culture. She will openly talk about controversial topics.

Don’t Try to be too Funny

Russians have a very different sense of humor than western society.  Russian humor seems to be more political, and because they don’t have political correctness, no subject is off limits.

On sites such as Dream Singles, we’ve seen men try to use humor to get a woman’s attention. Sometimes it works, but there are also times that it doesn’t. Humor is something that doesn’t always transfer languages well. Just be careful when trying to provoke humor.

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Slapstick humor, which is usually physical comedy or pranking such as The Three Stooges, America’s Funniest Home Videos, or even Vines are generally not seen as funny in Russian culture. A lot of Russian humor is through idioms and irony, which often cannot be translated into English. Having a sarcastic joke may be taken well, but elaborate and well thought out jokes may not be seen as funny.

Try to See the Real Woman

Russian women want to be seen. They want to know that they are treasured and that you are interested in getting to know them for who they are. When you talk to a Russian woman, know that she will say what’s on her mind.

Not only will she say what comes to her mind, but she wants you to speak what’s on your mind as well. Russian culture does not value small talk and she will want you to explore deep topics with her.

Find Common Interests

There are a lot of differences between western culture and Russian culture. You can find out more about Russian culture HERE. Get to know her interests and likes so that you can have the most productive conversations.

If you both enjoy working out, you can talk about physical health. If you enjoy music, that’s a good topic of conversation. Whatever you can relate to the woman on is a great way to keep her intrigued and interested in you.

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