In 2021, we have all been feeling like we need more love and cuddles than normal. It’s been a tough year for physical touch, or lack thereof. Not being able to freely stand next to someone or touch someone has made us all get creative with connection. But typically when the temperature drops, that’s when you know it’s time to cuddle up. So let’s talk about how to get a Russian girl this cuffing season so you don’t have to bear the cold months alone.

What is Cuffing Season?

Cuffing season, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a period of time where single people start looking for short-term partnerships in the colder months. This period usually starts in October and is known to last until Valentine’s Day. Daylight Savings Time starts around this cuffing season as well, making its debut on November 1. On this day, the clocks go back one hour and guess what you can do with all of that extra time? Prepare for cuffing season, of course. 

Get Your Profile Ready

The first way to get a Russian girl this cuffing season is to revamp your profile. You will need to grab her attention and keep her attention. Take some time and upload new photos of yourself. Show a side of yourself that you think is unique and eye-catching. Make sure each photo is visible and not too dark! Also, make sure your picture shows your entire face (even some of your body if you would prefer). 

In your profile details, be sure to highlight exciting and exclusive things about yourself. Make her feel like she is really getting to know YOU, not a cliche version of who you think sounds good. 

Set up a Video Chat

Secondly, get a Russian girl this cuffing season by starting a video chat. You can do some of the same things through video that you would do in person. For instance, staring into the eyes of your beautiful Russian girl is doable in traditional and online dating. You can also see her in real time as if you were right in front of her. And guess what? You don’t have to jump in your car, pick her up, take her on a date and spend over $100 on food just to see her. All you would have to do is set up a video chat and vwa-la! You two can start a candid conversation that could lead to something more down the line. 

Virtual Cuddling with Russian Girls

Do you believe that cuffing season excludes online dating and long distance love? Think again! Virtual cuddling is just an extension of video chat. You can do body practices that will connect you and your Russian lady together. This is such a safe and comfortable way to feel supported and loved across the miles (and during a pandemic). 

To conclude, we hope we have shed some light on how to get a Russian girl this cuffing season. You, of all people, don’t deserve to be alone during these cold months ahead! 

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