Russian women are out there and if you want one, you’ll have to be active about it. Russian girls are severely outnumbered in Russia, which means there are plenty of single Russian ladies looking for a man to sweep them off of their feet. They tend to be very traditional and expect men to be the leaders of relationships. The expectation for you is to step up and pursue her. There are many ways to find a Russian girl, but you have to choose which method is best for you. There are ample reasons that Russian women are some of the best partners you could have. It’s easy to understand why you’re on the hunt so here is how to find a Russian girl.

Go to Russia

Russia is a great tourist destination. Because it’s so big, there are multiple large cities and small towns so you won’t have a hard t interests. The men-to-women ratio in Russia is favorable towards men. There are 10 million more women in the country compared to men, so when you go you are sure to get the attention of some women. How to find a Russian girl when you get to Russia is to go to the bars where they tend to hang out and just be friendly. When in Russia you will spot a lot of gorgeous Russian women in their best outfits. Women in Russia are competitive towards each other about men.

Go on a Tour

how to find a russian girl

One of the struggles that can come up in Russia is the language barrier. If you go to the capital of Moscow, you are likely to meet people who speak English, but in other parts of Russia, it may be harder to find English speakers. This can be a problem when traveling, simply trying to get around, and can also hinder your ability to meet potential dates. If you go to Russia, we suggest going through a singles tour or guided visit. This will solve your dilemma of how to find a Russian girl because they will bring them straight to you. This way you will have people there to be accountable for your safety, you will be introduced to many single Russian ladies, and you will be provided with translators. All of that makes it easier to meet the Russian girl of your dreams.

Online Dating

If you have wondered how to find a Russian girl, then you have probably looked at online dating. Online dating is the easiest way to find a Russian girl. This is the most successful method because you can test the waters with multiple people and use it when it is convenient for you. You’ll see many beautiful faces when you are dating online. You can also talk to people and see if their interests and personality lines up with yours. Online dating will save you a lot of money and time instead of actually going to Russia. However, the drawback is you don’t get the initial face-to-face connection that we crave. We suggest starting with online dating and when you feel like you’ve met the right person, go to Russia and meet them in-person.

How to Find Trusted Sources

International dating websites have a reputation for being scams. While you should be cautious when you are using these websites, not all of them are scams. To ensure the validity of a Russian dating website, the best thing to do is to use trusted websites to look at reviews. Most dating websites will also feature success stories. Not only are these good to show the validity of a website, but they also show you international online dating can work.

Social Media

how to find a russian girl

This has become the age of technology, one of the most influential parts of this has been social media. Social media allows us to connect with people from across the world with the click of a button. In the dating world, this is a huge advantage. Start following women you are interested in and don’t be afraid to like and comment on their posts. You can also use social media to find groups with common interests. Joining a ‘Russian heritage group’ is sure to connect you with people celebrating Russian heritage. Because social media is not made specifically for dating, there is a greater possibility that you will be turned down. Be kind and make sure to treat people with respect or you could face penalties.


Meeting a Russian girl can seem difficult, especially if Russia is on the other side of the world for you. We brought you a few strategies that will help you to make it easier. When you do meet a Russian lady know how to approach them and they will also be impressed if you know a few Russian words and a little bit about Russian culture.

What is the Best Option for You?

Overall, taking a trip to Russia is the best option if you are looking to meet a Russian woman face-to-face. Traveling gives you an opportunity to make new, unique experiences and see a different part of the world. If you decide to travel, we suggest taking a singles tour to ensure your safety. Being immersed in the environment will up your chances of meeting the Russian woman of your dreams.

You will have guaranteed dates and translators to help you effectively communicate. Online dating is the easiest way to meet Russian women. This is a great option because of its convenience. There are no time constraints and it’s much cheaper than traveling.

Social media is something that you are most likely already a part of. You can use these platforms to meet people who have common interests. You can always use social media to start a relationship through events in your area as well. Don’t be afraid to follow people you are interested in and actually direct message them. The cons of social media include the possibility of rejection. Because people are not specifically there for dating, you don’t know as much about them as you would if you were using an online dating site.

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