When looking for the Best Russian Dating sites, men typically look for women from the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Usually, these sites are labeled as Russian profiles. But in reality, about half of the women are from other countries like Ukraine. Sometimes, this can cause confusion for men interested in finding the best Russian dating sites online. This search confusion is a result of history and geo-political changes. Keep this in mind when chatting with the ladies on these International dating websites.

Best Russian Dating Sites in USA?

As previously mentioned, we will consider the entire Former Soviet Union in the context of Russian Online Dating. If you do a google search for “Best Russian Dating Sites,” you’ll notice ample results. Consequently, knowing where to get started can be difficult.

How do you know which site is legitimate? What constitutes a Russian Dating site as being one of the Best Russian Dating Sites?


Factors for Top Russian dating websites


Lack of Tradition

In USA, there has been a cultural decline in traditional American family values. These values include integrity, respect and loyalty to name a few. The Top Russian Dating sites in USA bridge this gap in multiple ways. These sites allow American men to meet a Russian girl that embodies his values.

This is a major This is a major reason when researching best international dating websites.

Top Russian dating sites in USA


Most men are unaware that the best Russian dating sites have a 7:1 women to men ratio.

This is because the female/male ratio in Russia is one of the highest in the world. We did an in-depth study on this phenomenon. You can read more about the female/male ratio here.

Open and Willing

International beauties who join these dating sites are very open to meeting western men. There are countless men in USA flying out to meet their Russian girlfriend every day. It’s one of those “dating hacks” that has been a best kept secret among men. That is why they are only looking for the best Russian dating sites. Suspicious features and tricky signup processes is just not what they are accepting A vast majority of Russian women on these sites are looking for a partner abroad.

Marriage – Big factor for Russian Dating

The girls from Russia are looking for a future with a husband and family. In fact, they have prepared for this by learning the English language, customs, culture and developing an attraction for older American men. This is one of the major reasons people ask, What makes Russian women good for marriage

The Top Russian dating sites not only offer scam protection, but also verify all female profiles. In addition, the best dating sites are very transparent and honest about their services and fees. When evaluating sites, you will find some of them have a very tricky signup process, hidden fees, fake profiles and bad user experience.

Be cautious about faulty international dating sites. They may want you to pay for communication without explaining the cost clearly. This can result in a headache later when you realize you have a large bill from a deceptive site.


The Top Russian dating sites have advanced scam and data protection, making sure you are protected from fraudulent accounts, deceitful transactions and a secure data server that protects your personal data. This should all be very apparent at the onset. Do not register on a Russian Dating site that does not have a privacy policy or an SSL (the lock icon the upper corner of your address bar indicates your data is encrypted.


There are many sites that will charge you upon sign up, without immediately disclosing that information. We have tested several Russian dating sites to find the best one, and it was a frustrating process due to all of the trickery that some of the major sites like to use.

It is worth noting, that the women on these sites signed up with the intention of meeting a man overseas. Studies are indicating that more and more older people are looking for the best Russian dating sites.

The stigma behind Russian dating is slowly eroding as statistics show that these partnerships outlast traditional marriages by 54%. Russian dating sites like this one have been making successful partnerships for over 15 years. Russian Girls Online has been voted one of the Best Russian Dating Sites by

The Dating Experts at Barroom Genius

Dating review site Online Dating Life.

The reason for this ranking as the Best Russian Dating site online is due to our adherence to everything outlined above.

Articles focused on Russian dating

We also have a massive library of articles to make sure you get the best experience out of Russian Dating Increasing your knowledge of Russian culture, Russian values, and superstitions will put you way ahead.

We have heard from several Americans who were searching for the best Russian dating site online and came away frustrated with all of the nefarious sites that come up.


You might wonder, what exactly is contributing to this rise in bridging the cultural gap, connecting American Men with Russian Women. These are some surprising statistics.

  1. Around 50% of the United States population is made up of single adults, which increases every year increasingly. We are clearly definitely moving through a change in the current dating paradigm.
  2. Just a measly 9% of women indicate that they have found a partnership in bars or clubs.  And to the dismay of many, only 2% of men have found relationship success in a bar or a club setting. No doubt, alcohol, and intoxication play a role in these statistics.
  3. More than 20% of committed relationships started on a dating website.
  4. Divorce rates among couples that met on an international or Russian dating site are amazingly low at just 20%. These statistics have caused men to start seeking alternatives.
  5. Population census data demonstrates that women outnumber men by 10.5 million in Russia and Ukraine.
best international dating sites
This is why we are seeing this radical shift from men going bars trying to find the right woman. Now, they are turning to online dating.


Once you find the Best Russian dating site, communication is easy, it’s less risky and you can get to know your potential Russian lady through the comfort of your own home.

You would be surprised to know how many very successful men have abandoned the traditional dating approach and started looking online. In the process, Russian dating has skyrocketed. These women are gorgeous, loyal and very open to cultural differences and new life experiences.

The Best Russian dating sites also offer advanced matchmaking opportunities. This allows you to fill out a brief questionnaire and their database matches you with the best Russian beauty. You will also find a helpful library of articles here to explore mistakes you could make with Russian Women.

This takes the guesswork out of meeting a Russian girl online, as your preferences, hobbies, characteristics are all matched up for you, saving you time in your search.

Confirmed Profiles

The best Russian dating sites provide confirmed dating profiles advanced scam protection and a great user experience, to name a few. Other sites are poorly designed, confusing to navigate and have high abandonment rates.

It is also very helpful to learn How To Talk To Russian Women. Reading our advice and get ahead of the game.

Only the Best

We are honored to be named among the Best Russian Dating sites from dating experts and dating site review authors. In our effort to become ranked as one of the Best Russian Dating Sites, we have opened this site up more than most sites.

Other sites require you to do multiple things before you even get to browse the site. Russian Girls Online allows you to browse a select segment of our members, view their profiles, get free dating advice and more. All of this and you don’t even have to enter an email address.

Of course, if you want to take advantage of the best Russian dating site, go ahead and create a free account to unlock all the features, start browsing and connecting with your Russian beauty today.

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