When you’re dating online, you have unlimited potential of finding someone that will absolutely be perfect for you. You also have the possibility of getting scammed by lying con-artists. When you’re dating online, there are many measures you can take in avoiding scams. Choose to do the right thing and ensure that you don’t end up a victim. This article discusses how you can prevent scams when dating someone online.


When you’re talking to someone that you are really starting to like, one of the things you can do is request more than one picture from her. Many scams take place when a nafarious acting person purchases or steals a picture of a beautiful woman.

They will use it for the profile of the ‘woman’ you’re speaking with. Asking for more than one picture, can help determine the validitity of the woman you are talking to.

If she provides more than one or even several which seem like normal pictures and not modeling shots, it’s a good sign! However, if she is unable to provide you with more than one picture, be cautious, especially if she give crazy excuses.

Send Her Flowers

There are different services which allow you to send flowers throughout the world. They simply request a signature from the recipient With some services, you can even ask them to provide a picture.

This will ensure that the woman you’re talking to receives the flowers. Some of these services will even take a shot of the woman receiving the flowers and will send it back to you.

This is a great way to make sure you’re really speaking with the right person. Spending a bit of money on flowers is worth it to save you from getting scammed in the long run!

Tell Her You Want To Visit

By telling your Russian woman you would like to visit her, you can determine whether she is legitimate or not. First of all, if she’s not real, she can’t exactly receive a visit from you.

If she is really into you, she will welcome the opportunity to spend time with you during a visit. In Slavic culture, it is also likely that she will introduce you to her family.

However, it is possible she is only looking to get money or gifts from you. If this is the case, chances are she will make excuses so that you can’t visit. For instance, she won’t be able to get time from work or a family member is ill.

Avoiding scams may seem like an unnecessary measure. Though in the search for your dream woman, it’s worth it.

If you have any real doubts at all about the woman you’re speaking to, it’s best to cut the correspondence off right away. Some men have talked to women for months and even years before finding out that the were getting scammed the entire time. This is a heart breaking situation. One that you never want to end up in! Use the tips and tricks above to be sure that you’re not the target of scams.

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