Simply put, there are 5 things you should know about celebrating Easter in Russia if you’re going to be with a Russian girl. In fact, Russian Orthodox Easter is so important that it was celebrated even during the Atheist Soviet Era. Because tradition is held to such a high regard for Russian girls, they often observe Easter just like their ancestors did. 

Easter is Known as Paskha

What is Paskha? Apparently, the name derives from the Jewish holiday of Pesach (dedicated to the release of Jews from Egyptian slavery). The word Paskha signifies transition Christ endured from death to eternal life. It is important to note that the dish that is consumed during Easter is called by the same name. It is a rich Russian dessert made from a type of cream cheese, dried fruit, spices and nuts. This dish is made and consumed to celebrate the end of Lent and the beginning of Easter.

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Fasting Before Easter


The second thing you should know about Easter in Russia is the vitality of fasting. The first day of fasting before Easter is referred to as Clean Monday. What exactly do Russians do on this day? Typically, they clean up their home, rid themselves of negative thoughts through prayer and prepare to put limitations on entertainment and food. Also, if you are healthy enough, it is pleasing for you to only drink water and abstain from food altogether. Tuesday is reserved for bread and water. When it comes to Wednesday and Friday Russian girls eat raw food without oil. This fasting is what many know as Great Lent. During this time, Russians recall the events that led up to the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Night Church Service

The third thing you should know about celebrating Easter in Russia is the involvement of the church. The Saturday evening before Easter, the church holds a service that lasts until dawn. During this time, candles are lit and chants are being repeated in chorus. Even those who don’t go to church regularly attend this night service before Easter. When midnight rolls around, you can hear the ringing of the church bells. This act is to symbolize and announce the resurrection of Christ.

Importance of Eggs

Did you think that only Americans placed importance on eggs for Easter? Think again! Many have argued that eggs are the most important part of the Easter holiday for Russians. The eggs are boiled and painted red to symbolize resurrection and new life. They usually paint the eggs red with onion skins. But these eggs aren’t just made and decorated to look pretty. They are exchanged. And here’s another fun fact: the eggs are kept until the following Easter, as it helps protect the house from natural disasters. 

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Easter Lasts 40 Days

Because Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, Russian girls partake in Easter festivities after they fast. Why does Easter last so long for the Russian Orthodox Church? It is in commemoration of Christ’s fast. 

To conclude, we hope you have learned something new about Russian girls to strike up a conversation! We wanted to share these 5 things you should know about celebrating Easter in Russia to give you more knowledge. Russian girls are more than their looks; indubitably, they are about their culture.

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