Mother’s Day is almost here and do you know what that means? Gifts will be flying off the shelves! But at Russian Girls Online, we want to highlight a few special moms that make motherhood look easy. Let’s learn more about these 5 remarkable Russian moms this Mother’s Day.

Remarkable Russian Mom #1: Izabella


The first remarkable Russian mom we want to highlight is Izabella. This stunning 28-year old is a proud mother of her beautiful daughter and has an optimistic outlook on life. This mom does yoga and also runs in the morning. Being a permanent make-up artist has perfected her craft of helping others look their best. It’s hard to believe she actually has a kid and was once married! Izabella also knows three languages: English, Russian and Kazakh. Intrigued?

Remarkable Russian Mom #2: Anna


Second on the list of remarkable Mother’s Day mom is Anna. While she may be from Ukraine originally, she actually speaks English and Russian. Do you think Anna looks like a 38-year old? We don’t either. She is actually interested in fitness and bodybuilding. In fact, she likes it so much that she is a Fitness Trainer. But even though she is hardworking and believes she can achieve anything, she is missing one important thing: a relationship. 

My adult daughter is my best friend.

Remarkable Russian Mom#3: Yana


Let’s get you introduced to Yana! She adores her little princess and they always have a good time together. Yana considers herself faithful and a woman for one man. An interesting fact about this motivated 32-year old is that she is a designer that created her own clothing line. Not only is she an incredible mom, but she is fashionable as well! Want to ask Yana more about her life as a mother and designer?

Remarkable Russian Mom #4: Svetlana


Svetlana speaks English and Russian, but she also speaks French (comme c’est impressionnant)! She works as a Senior Administrator, but Svetlana also has a creative side. Painting is her number one hobby! Maybe if you get to know her more, she will share one of her portraits with you. Svetlana only has one child since reaching 40 and she’s ready to meet her future man! Could you be the one for her?

Remarkable Russian Mom #5: Elena


Next on the list of remarkable Russian moms is Elena. She’s 41, but don’t let her age fool you! Elena is very active, as she likes to dance, exercise and travel. Working as a Dentist allows her to help people with health. This punctual Russian mom sees a positive side to everything. Her ultimate goal at this stage in her life is to meet a man she can be happy with. 

My main passion is my daughter.

To summarize, we wanted to share these 5 remarkable Russian moms this Mother’s day. A simple gift from you or a message wishing them a happy day could really warm their heart. Because let’s face it: moms should be celebrated on more than Mother’s Day. 

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