Before dating, make sure you understand the 3 major differences between Russian and American women. 


The first major difference between Russian and American women is appearance. You would be hard pressed to find an American woman who consistently gets dressed up for her boyfriend. Even if she starts off looking great, you may notice her slacking off as the relationship goes on. American women are more likely to go to the grocery store in slacks and gym shoes. Whereas Russian women get dolled up for any and every occasion. Going to the grocery store? There’s a high chance that she will put on her pumps and reapply her lipstick before stepping out of the house. Some see this as high maintenance, but others view it as a woman just keeping up her looks. Whatever the reason, this is a clear difference between these two women.


3 major differences between russian and american women 1

The second major difference between Russian and American women is family. American women are ambitious and determined and they share this quality with Russian women. However, some American women choose careers over creating families. Child-free movements are found all over the United States with American women doing what they want to do. On the other hand, Russian women believe creating a family is the highest good. They welcome self-sacrifice and see it as a form of caring and kindness. Having a family without children is just not a family to a Russian woman. 

Education and Religion

The last major difference between Russian and American women is education. Education in the American culture is not as compulsory as in Russian culture. Education was kind of prestigious during the Soviet times and graduating from a University was the main goal in life. The vast majority of women in Russia are educated with BAs or MAs. In fact, over 80% of Russian school graduates go to Universities afterwards.

Religion is one of a few things that Americans and Russians have in common as religion is highly important for both of the nations. The vast majority of Russians are orthodox Christians. Although the religion is important for Russian women, because of the self-sacrifice aspect of their culture, they are flexible. In terms of marriage, she won’t insist on converting her husband to the Russian Orthodox Church. Because any Russian woman is ready to leave everything for her man, she would be eager to convert to his faith.

So, as you can see beauty is one of the reasons why Western men are interested in Russian women, but the role of Russian beauty is a little bit exaggerated. Beauty can work as the primal attraction, but other qualities of Russian women mean much more to Western men. They are women who are able to handle their careers, while being busy with housekeeping and raising children, and still remain beautiful. So, if you date a Russian girl, you are that close to getting a perfect wife and a perfect mother for your future children.

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