Do you know what would really astonish your Russian beauty? If you spoke to her in her own language! Oftentimes, it is expected for someone who doesn’t speak English to learn the language, but that same expectation is not placed on native English speakers to learn other languages like Russian, for instance. Wouldn’t you like to intrigue her with your interest to understand her language better? Wouldn’t this ultimately promote more fluid communication? 

Because Russian women like assertive men, showing this level of interest in her may put you on a different page in her book. Relationships are all about give and take so if she is willing to learn English, show her you are willing to learn her language as well. We have 10 Russian Greetings that well help you strike up a conversation and impress her all at the same time. 

Good morning.

 Доброе утро! 

(dob-rah-yeh oot-reh)

This greeting can be used to start your chat off if it happens first thing in the morning. Be sure to practice saying this out loud so you don’t fumble through it. 

Good night.

Спокойной ночи 

(spah-koi-nay noh-chee)

You can say this greeting as a way to end the night. It’s much better than abruptly ending the conversation. 

How are you?

Как поживаете? 

(ah oo tee-byah)

This is a wonderful question to ask for getting to know how she’s doing. It opens the door for her to share anything she would like with you.



(zdras-tvooy-tyeh) Formal

Awe her with your pronunciation of this common greeting again and again. She may even teach you how to say hello informally. 


До свидания! 

(dah svee-dah-nee-yah)

This can be an emotional greeting to say, but is also a polite way to end a conversation until next time.

How about you?

А у тебя? 

(ah oo tee-byah)

This greeting can be used after you answer a question she has posed to you. 

Fine, thank you.

Хорошо, спасибо 

(kha-rah-sho spah-see-bah)

This is a polite and cordial response you can use when asked how you are doing for the day.




This is a great response to let her know how your day has been going. 


Плохо (ploh-khah)

Having a bad day? Now you can let her know in Russian. 

I was glad to see you.

Рад был видеть тебя 

(rahd bil vee-dyet tee-byah)

If you are wrapping up a video chat with your special lady, this may be a great phrase to use. You can also use this phrase when you get the chance to finally meet her in person.  Having these Russian greetings under your belt will definitely come in handy.

Now, it’s time to practice! She may playfully correct your pronunciation of these words, but it will definitely show her how serious you are. And as an added bonus, learn how to say “thank you” to continue your language journey! До свидания!

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