Tradition is one of the biggest factors of Russian culture. A lot of the things that they do were passed down from generation to generation and they plan to keep these values instilled in their own children. Due to this passage of information, Russian women generally have very similar values that make them so great to date. Why should you date a Russian girl? Keep on reading to find out.

You Will be Treated Like a King

If you date a Russian girl, she will treat you right. She will cater to you and make you feel like you are a real man. But this means you have to act like a real man, too. Russian girls appreciate guys who take action and are in charge.

Treating you like a king means that she will be loyal and passionate. She will show you through her own ways that you are important. With a Russian woman, you will have security in your relationship. You will know, indefinitely, that she is all about you.

She will make her devotion to you very clear. If you want someone who will be down for you at all times, you should date a Russian girl. She will be supportive and understanding.

“Russian girls are smart enough to know that if you keep your partner happy, he in return will make you happy, too. After all, relationships are a two-way street.” –The Richest

10 reasons why you should date a russian girl

You Will Always be Fed

You should date a Russian girl because she loves to cook. If you ever go to a Russian woman’s home, you will be given a lot of food. It is polite to eat much more than you need and get full.

Some of their traditional food includes borscht (which is a beet soup), olivier salad (which is a Russian style potato salad) and beef stroganoff (which is a beef and pasta dish). The food is very distinct and you will have to get used to it.

Russian cuisine is distinctive and unique, and as any other national one, it was formed under the influence of different environmental, social, geographical, economic and historical factors. The main feature of Russian cuisine is considered to be an abundance and variety of products used for cooking. –Bridge to Moscow

You can be sure to have soup for almost every meal. Most Russians have their own home garden so you will probably be eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

She’s Very Intelligent

Yes, Russian women are beautiful, but they are much more. They tend to be extremely intelligent. Russian culture places high value on education so women from Russia are usually very educated and have at least a bachelor’s degree. They are encouraged by their families to keep moving forward and at least get a master’s degree.

With a Russian girl, you will be able to have a deep and intelligent conversation. Russian education teaches their students about multiple topics. On the other hand, the western education system focuses on one area of study.

She Only Wants Serious Relationships

Russian women are raised to look forward to marriage and family life. Because of this, they don’t take relationships lightly. The cultural standard in Russia expects women to be married between their late teens into early twenties.

If a woman is having children even at 25, they are mostly seen as an old mother. Getting into a relationship that doesn’t lead to marriage seems like a waste of time. Don’t get in a relationship with a Russian woman if you don’t have serious intentions.

10 reasons why you should date a russian girl

She’s Family-Oriented

This is the biggest value in Russian culture for women. A Russian girl is trained from the time she is young to be a great wife and mother. She will learn how to upkeep the home, including cooking and cleaning.

Russian children are much more independent in comparison to western-cultured children. Because they are taught about family upkeep and have chores to keep up with, they are given more freedom.

She’s Beautiful

This may be the most obvious reason that you think of when it comes to the features of Russian women. Russian ladies are known for their all around beauty.

They are naturally beautiful, but to add on to that they enjoy showing their femininity off. They like to wear the best makeup, accessories, shoes and clothes. Don’t be surprised if you see a Russian woman dressed as if she is going on a lavish date when she’s just going to the grocery store.

Being slender and in-shape are also valuable qualities for Russian women. They enjoy tending to their appearance so if you date a Russian girl, show her off. She put’s time and energy into looking good and would especially appreciate it if you looked good as well.

On so many sites, Dream Singles for instance, the women often look “too gorgeous.” While they are very pretty, they want to know that they’ll have someone to treasure it. They care about much more than looks.

She’ll Tell You How She Feels

Russians are very straightforward. The concepts of small talk and political correctness are foreign. If you see a Russian girl on the street and ask, “how are you doing today?” you might not get a simple, “I’m doing well, thanks.”

You will get a response of exactly how they are feeling and they will not hold back at all. What you meant to be a short, in passing conversation, can turn into a long conversation about anything on her mind. She will always be open and honest with you.

A Russian woman does not hide her expressions. If she isn’t telling you her feelings verbally, you will be able to see it in her face. She will rarely hold back on telling you how she feels verbally.

She’s fun

Even though they might seem to have tough exteriors, Russians are very fun. Having many gatherings is a part of Russian culture. New Year’s Eve is arguably the most popular holiday in Russia, but it is undoubtedly the biggest celebration. Russians love using this saying to express why they celebrate so heavily during this holiday.

“The way you meet the new year is the way you will spend it” –Lana Adler, Holidappy

Due to the fact that Russia is led by tradition, they gather to celebrate ample occasions. It is not out of place for Russians to drink while their entire family is present. If you were to go to a gathering with a Russian girl’s family, you would likely be encouraged or even expected to drink with them.


Because her culture is known for so many celebrations, she is also a great host. A Russian woman has been taught how to make a party great and fun for everyone.

“Each girl understands the “work hard, play hard” concept in their own way, but you can be sure that your Slavic girlfriend will come up with something that will impress even a hardened party animal. Just make sure that you’re ready to get drunk. In other words, if you decide to throw a party, you can always count on your girlfriend’s support.” –Bride Stars

She’s a jack of all trades

The Russian education system teaches them to become very knowledgeable about all topics. They believe that a well-rounded person is the best kind of person for society. They will be well-versed in the arts, sciences and pop culture. Some of her knowledge has also been passed down from her mother or grandmother.

She probably grew up with many activities keeping her busy. The Russian culture places value on hobbies and she probably took part in some type of physical art like gymnastics or ballet. In addition, she probably played a musical instrument. She was likely encouraged to perfect her skills in both activities while also maintaining superb grades in school.

If you date a Russian girl, she might be more knowledgeable than you in many areas, but she’ll still make you feel valuable.

She Won’t be Walked on

Russian women are some of the most trusting and loyal people but this has to be earned, and it can be lost as well. You don’t want to cross a Russian girl, she has a mouth on her and will let you know what she feels.

When it comes to a man, they will always be respectful if they are being treated with respect. They will not be afraid to let you know that they are upset if their man is not doing what she expects of him or is suspicious of his activity.

She Speaks Up

This principle goes with all people if they feel disrespected they will not hold back their feelings. You will see that she is strong and goes for what she wants. You should date a Russian girl because she will also stick up for you and will not tolerate any bad talk about you. Just like she defends her family, she will defend you too.

Russian women are great companions. If you are looking for a serious relationship, a Russian girl is perfect for you. Her intentions if she enters a serious relationship is to plan for her future.

She will always be there for you as long as you show her that you deserve the same love and respect. You should date a Russian girl because they will be the best mothers and long-term companions. Their outer beauty is a plus, but all of their inside qualities are what will pull you in for the long haul. Just try it for yourself!

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