Victoria N.

Age: 28
City: Minsk
Country: Belarus
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5′ 7″ (169 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Red
Education: College

I am a lady of fire and I am not boring. I love singing and dancing, it is an integral part of my life. I love to cook and travel. I like to try different new things. I like to go to amusement parks and I always go to those attractions that can tickle my nerves. Yes. I am not a boring lady, I am sensitive and romantic. And a surge of adrenaline helps me to say goodbye to negative emotions and find harmony and inspiration in life.

For each person, paradise is something different. For me, paradise is endlessly to watch nature green and blossom. My paradise is a garden created entirely by love and its fruits. I gave life and took it away. Simple girl, I have achieved a lot in this life. I have passed fire and water. I lit the flame and made it go out. I have not told anyone about my grief, I have not shared it with anyone. I plucked it out of my mind, splashed it into the sea, where it was taken away by the waves and carried away. I answered with laughter to everything that hurt me. I went against my destiny, and here I am, where my life and destiny next to you will change forever for the better. Do you want to do that?

I dream of such a man with whom I would like to sink in the light of your eyes and at the same time to lie down on the warm sands of your sweet kisses. I want to feel your breath and adjust to it with my heart. When I hold your hands, I die. The fire of love burns in my soul, a fire begins that cannot be extinguished! Would you know how my heart beats! When I hear your name, the strings of love shiver in my soul. I melt, I become water and leak. If you are just as romantic or ready to give me heaven on earth, I am waiting for you.