Age: 32
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 5′ 4″ (162 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Education: College

As an additional income and a special kind of interest – I have a small studio where girls do makeup – this is a great way to add even more percentages to my main goal in life, although I am sure that this goal may change very soon with a different vector. I plan to live in the near future near the ocean and am looking for a house for this, maybe it will be located near your hometown? Or maybe you would like to move into it with me? I am ready to help with this! I also do gardening, I have a country house in Moscow and I take care of flowers, trees and some vegetables there – I have been doing this for two years, so I am just learning. I try to always develop and lead a life full of activity and I attend various courses, business projects and want to get a second higher education, but now not in Russia.

My life has developed in such a way that I devote 5-6 hours a day to work and in parallel with this I actively go in for sports in order to have an excellent and fit figure. I heard that men like beautiful women who have a wonderful figure. Are you sure you are one of them? Or is appearance not so important to you? I think that appearance and age are not as important as what is inside a person, but recently I have noticed that men pay attention to the “beautiful cover”, but do not open the whole book. I am sure that when you try to reveal me, you will see how easy, good-natured and full of love a sincere and real Slavic woman can be. After all, every girl should have a riddle. But in a man too? I love to travel, I have a great opportunity to travel at any time, as I am invited to fitness master classes in different countries and this gives me the opportunity to make my own life several times easier! I feel like an incredibly happy woman at this moment, when I can learn something new. I really want to make girls from all over the world beautiful, affectionate and with hope for a better future. After all, all the best is ahead of us, will you agree with that? Since I work very little, I have a lot of free time and I want to devote this time to my beloved man, who will be with me most of the time.

I look at the relationship of my parents – they have been together for over 30 years and these people are so happy, as if children who go out to play on the street. I tried many times to find out what secrets he has for success and I realized that the most important secret is love, care and sincerity that they give each other every day. I realized in one moment that money, age, appearance, failure and success – it doesn’t matter when you have a loved one next to you. A loved one and a confidant, which will smile at you every morning, laugh with silly jokes, read books to you at night and watch TV together – this is what unites people. Working in a relationship, never give up and go towards common goals having joint interests is the best thing that we we can do for each other. Heh, only I think that in our time it is not very appreciated. But I believe that there are still old-fashioned people, like me, who believe in old traditions and look at the world and family values like me. That is why I decided to convert I am for help on this site. Will he help me finally find a loved one and so that in the future we have a real meeting.