Age: 32
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 5′ 5″ (164 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Education: College

My hobby is dancing and cooking. Believe me or now, but in 21 century I believe that every women have to know how to cook tasty dinner for her man and how to dance so he would keep his eyes among all the girls on the stage only on her.

I am an ordinary women , from small province city. After school I moved to the capital where I studied psychology for 5 years. After graduation I found two jobs, one bring me joy and another good money for life. My first job in Kiev boarding school, I work there with kids, who for some life reasons lost their parents. My second job is private psychologist, where I work with different types of people, mostly wives of rich businessman, who think that they have many problems, but for real I think they simply bored.

I am looking for a true man here. In my veins I have mix of Ukrainian and Armenian blood, so I can be passionate and gentle at the same time. My mom met my dad many years ago on vacation when she was abroad, and their is a great example for me. That you can find soulmate anywhere in this world, and race or skin color doesn’t matter if you fall in love. I want to meet my soulmate and for me it s not matter what country he will be from, or what religion he will belong too. All I am looking for in relationships is respect. What about you?