Age: 37
City: vladivostok
Country: russian federation
Zodiac: cancer
Height: 5′ 5″ (164 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Education: graduate school

I am an ebullient person, and I like to channel that energy into everything I do, be it sports, work or simple day to day activities. I am of the opinion that active living means giving one’s body, mind and soul the respect and care that they deserve. That is precisely why I strive to keep my body fit by going to the gym every day and my mind sharp and focused by attending seminars, lectures and going to expositions at local museums and art galleries. I also love going to the movies and I am also an ardent fan of the performing arts. I would love for you to accompany me to see some of my favorite plays, sharing opinions and insights about the plot over a cup of fragrant black coffee or a glass of sweetly flavored wine. What do you think about that?

My tastes are rather commonplace. I enjoy all the same things thousands of other people do? I love listening to music, and being not attached to any particular genre, I can sample any and all songs, provided they are melodious or the lyrics speak to me on a more meaningful level. I also enjoy dancing, swaying my body to the beat of a favorite tune, what would make it even better is the presence of a beloved partner, pressing his body into mine and engulfing me into the loving cocoon of his arms. Lastly, I absolutely love traveling. I have been fortunate enough to experience quite a few fascinating countries such as China, and Bali, and I would love to expand this list by visiting America, Australia and Japan. Would you like to keep me company during these journeys? I’m sure we will enjoy ourselves greatly.

I have oftentimes daydreamed about what my partner, the other half of my soul would be like: someone reliable, strong, ambitious, independent yet ready to compromise, manly yet humble, an honest and kind soul that will brighten my days and support me unconditionally in everything that I do. I am a mature woman, and I do not entertain any unrealistic expectations of my future partner. I know that nobody is perfect, least of all me, so I am ready to accept and love his flaws, provided he does the same for me. The end goal to create a big, happy family and spend our lives in harmony and love. I am convinced that your are somewhere out there, love, and if you are reading this profile, contact me as soon as possible!