Age: 38
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Education: Graduate School

I like to spend my free time outdoors, I like to ride a bike, ski, skate and swim, engaging in many sports. I go to the gym to practice yoga, step-aerobics and dancing. I like to go to the theater, museums, I find time to read, watch good movies and just spend time in a cozy home atmosphere that I am happy to create. I really like to cook, especially healthy food, and I know how to please my dear people with amazing home-cooked meals.

Let me kidnap your attention for the next few minutes and tell you a little about me and why I am here! If you are reading my profile then you are looking for someone to share closeness and warmth and it is the same for me. I have always been direct and honest person and sometimes it plays not for me but I still think that best policy is truth! What I am looking for in my future relation is ability to trust and be able to open completely with all my thoughts and desires to my partner. My faith in people is great and maybe that is why I have been so open to them and kind. I have a lot of friends but I am missing just one who will be happy to share mirror with me in the morning, coffee on the kitchen and love in my heart!

Hopes and dreams can be very different from reality and reality can be much better what we wanted to find. All I want is a good friend and partner with whom I can share my heart! I do not want to write that I am looking for man this tall with this eye color, or this kind of personality because in the end nothing of this matters. When you meet right person you just feel that you have a connection and that is what I want to have in my life. Of course it would be nice to share same sense of humor and interests in books or movies but I am always so open to new directions and new paths of life so I am sure we can share with my partner everything even if we will be completely different!